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Protecting Yourself Against the Threat of Radiation Poisoning

God blessed the earth with an abundance of natural resources, which has allowed human society to evolve, grow and prosper. However, man’s addiction to technology and better living through chemistry has led our society in dangerous directions. Nowhere is mankind’s technological hubris more in evidence than in the disastrous attempt to tame the power of the atom.

The deadliness and toxicity of radioactive materials should have sent a powerful message to humanity about the folly and the dangers of attempting to assume God-like control over nature. But unfortunately this warning was not heeded, and as a result we now live with the threat of toxic contamination through nuclear energy and the possible use of dirty bombs by terrorists. All across the planet, toxic stews of deadly poisons have been produced by the nuclear energy industry, which incredibly appears to be entering a time of expansion despite the historically recent tragedies at Chernobyl and Three Mile Island. And now, yet again, the world is forced to sit holding its collective breaths over the latest nuclear crisis, wondering about the final result of the terrible chain reaction of events occurring at Fukushima in Japan.

It would be nice to think that the nuclear energy industry would be headed for extinction following this latest turn. But sadly, the powers-that-be see great potential for corporate profit through the spread of this terrible technology, so nuclear’s continued expansion is inevitable despite what has happened in Japan. And even if nuclear energy expands no further, here in the U.S. alone there are 104 nuclear power facilities currently in operation – including four that are located in earthquakes zones on the West Coast, where we have been assured over and over a massive earthquake will eventually occur. And of course we live in an age of terrorism, where the enemies of peace everywhere would like nothing better than to get their hands on radioactive toxic poisons.

We do not know for sure yet what will happen in Japan, or where the radioactive poisons spilling into the air may be carried by prevailing winds. However, we know the threat of nuclear catastrophe from war, accident or terrorism is very real. However, you do not have to sit idly by waiting to become the next victim of man’s foolishness. If the day comes when you or your family are threatened by fallout following  a nuclear event, below is some vital information that can help you protect yourself against the terrible effects of radiation poisoning.

How to Detoxify your Body after Radiation Exposure

Radioactive fallout is deadly, this is well-known. But being exposed to radiation is not a death sentence, not if you are prepared ahead of time for the possibility of a nuclear event. One of the best substances for combating radiation poisoning is sodium bicarbonate – good old-fashioned baking soda. Baking soda has a tremendous ability to clean and remove toxic or caustic substances, including heavy metals, chemicals and radioactive particulates. In fact, it has been used at Los Alamos to clean up radioactively contaminated soil, with an effectiveness of over 90%.

There are two excellent ways to introduce baking soda to the system. The first is through the use of a nebulizer, which converts substances into a fine mist that can then be inhaled directly into the lungs, where radioactive particles first enter the body. The second way to introduce baking soda is through the use of magnesium baths. A high-quality detoxifying bath should include magnesium chloride, sodium bicarbonate and sodium thiosulfate. You should stockpile these substances in significant amounts. In the case of baking soda, a 50 pound supply would not be a bad idea.

Chelation is the process by which toxic substances are removed from the body through binding and eventual excretion through the waste removal system. It can be quite difficult to find products that can work for radioactive particles. However, two important treatment discoveries by two medical doctors can work quite effectively when used in combination. First, there is a product called HMD (Heavy Metal Detox) developed by Dr. George Georgiou. Clinically tested for three years on 350 patients, this patented formula has shown itself to be tremendously effective in removing heavy metal toxins from the body. Most significantly, HMD is the only chelation agent that has been proven to have the capacity to cleanse the body of uranium contamination.

To achieve a full detoxifying effect in the face of radioactive contamination, HMD should be used in coordination with some amazing products that have been developed by medical researcher Dr. Chris Shade. Working with an organization called Quicksilver Scientific, Dr. Shade has created two over-the-counter treatments that could be especially useful in counteracting radiation poisoning. The first is called Therasomal (liposomal) EDTA, which is an oral treatment that removes toxic heavy metals like mercury from the body. Because the pathways for mercury removal and radioactive toxin removal are identical, it is logical to conclude that anything that chelates mercury should also do the same for radioactive particulates. The second medication developed by Dr. Shade is called Therasomal (liposomal) Glutathione. Glutathione is a protein molecule produced naturally by the body that specializes in binding to free radicals and heavy metal molecules like those of mercury. Glutathione is tremendously efficient at binding harmful substances and sweeping them out of the biological system through urination. It becomes important to ingest additional glutathione during times of heavy exposure to toxins because this exposure interferes with its natural production.

One more substance that is vitally important is iodine. Because of substandard diets, over 90% of Americans are deficient in iodine. Iodine radiation carried by radioactive clouds will enter the body and link up with receptor sites lacking in natural iodine. Therefore, it is vitally important to take iodine supplements that can protect you by saturating your body with the healthy version of this vitally important substance.

Generally speaking, any foods or supplements that strengthen the immune system can also provide some protection against radiation poisoning. The blue-green algae spirulina is highly recommended; one excellent source is from a product called Rejuvenate, which also contains many other valuable plant-based nutrients.

Dangerous Times

As the horrific events in Japan show, we do indeed live in dangerous times. Even if the worst happens, and you should find yourself and your family caught in radioactive fallout from a nuclear accident or attack, you do not have to become helpless victims of this terrible modern threat. If you are well prepared and well-supplied, you can survive even this most unthinkable occurrence.

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