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A Nation of Rats: How America Became A Country Of Neighbor Vs. Neighbor

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Throughout history, tyrants and oppressive regimes have used coercion and intimidation to control their populations and crush any dissent to the ruling powers. There are only two ways that a nation under such rule can change their course and restore some semblance of freedom: disruption of the authorities from an external force, such as in the case of an invasion or war, or through a successful uprising of the people being oppressed.

Since the oppressed people in that situation have no control over the external force option, the only option left is a revolt or uprising. That leaves the tyrant or regime having to closely monitor and control the activity and speech of the people to prevent such a revolt.

The classic example of this was in Nazi Germany, where citizens were encouraged to “rat” on each other for any form of dissent. That meant something as harmless as casually mentioning that they weren’t very fond of Der Fuhrer should be reported. Children especially were instructed to report anything done or said by parents or teachers that might seem “suspicious.” If they did, the results were never good for the accused — guilty or not.

Thank God we live in a country where we don’t have to worry about neighbors “ratting” on us, reporting innocent actions. And if you believe that, you’ve had your head in the sand for at least a decade. We are quickly becoming a nation where ratting on your neighbor is encouraged and, unfortunately, embraced by the uninformed lemmings of society.

Before anyone starts jumping to the conclusion that our current president and his administration are the cause of this insidious neighbor v. neighbor agenda, it should be noted that this was taking place well prior to Obama taking office. It was President Bush who attempted to enact Operation TIPS in 2002, which was intended to recruit workers like cable installers or telephone repairmen to report anything “suspicious” they might see when visiting customers’ homes.

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TIPS was eventually scrapped after much scrutiny and criticism and instead we got the Homeland Security Act, which established the new department.

Report Dissent

It is true, however, that since President Obama took office, “ratting” is encouraged more and more publicly. In his 2008 bid for the White House, Obama launched a campaign called Fight the Smears, which encouraged citizens to report any type of “smear” against him so that the “truth” would be known. Then in his re-election bid he launched the similar AttackWatch  campaign.

In 2010, DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano announced the “see something, say something” campaign, which again encouraged citizens to snoop on each other and tell Big Brother if anything seemed “out of the ordinary.” This pattern didn’t even end with affairs here in the “homeland,” either. In 2012 the president issued an alarming executive order that allowed the government to crack down on any US citizen who “indirectly” opposed the new president of Yemen! So now we’re not allowed to criticize any other government that the president approves of?

Tell the IRS

The IRS is arguably the most corrupt and oppressive force in our government, having control either directly or indirectly over almost every aspect of our society. This running joke is becoming a lot more serious, as illustrated by a 2010 solicitation by the agency to purchase 60 Remington 870 police-style riot shotguns. (Because accountants, or course, always need high-powered weapons.

Although the incentive has been around since 1863, in 2006 (again, pre-Obama) the IRS began ramping up promotion of rewards paid to people who rat out their neighbors as tax cheats. Although reports from the lemming branch of society have been growing ever since – and rewards range from 15 to 30 percent of the amount the IRS collects — very few rewards are actually paid out. This begs the question: What are they doing with all of the information that they’re not currently acting on?

Watch the Parents

State Snatches Children From Couple, Exposes Them To Tuberculosis, And Then Ignores Boy’s Broken Ankle

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Just like in totalitarian countries, children from sea to shining sea are now encouraged to tell their teachers or some other authority if there’s anything “strange” going on with their parents or in their home. In many cases, they don’t even wait for the kids to come forward and simply ask the children questions like, “Do your parents have any guns at home?”

It doesn’t have to be children ratting out their parents, either. The case of the Maryland “free-range parents” is fairly well known at this point, after they “shockingly” let their children walk home from a park several blocks away. They are fighting charges of “unsubstantiated” child neglect because a busybody who didn’t approve of their parenting called the police, who also didn’t approve. Police picked the kids up on their walk home and took them several hours away to a social services agency. The children were left in the police car for two hours and never fed dinner. Who are the bad actors here again?

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There’s also the Kentucky case where an anonymous tip sent officers to the home of Joe and Nicole Naugler to abduct their 10 children. The couple had broken no laws whatsoever with their children, but the authorities and the anonymous tipster didn’t agree with their off-grid lifestyle.

Report Guns

The easiest way to get citizens to rat each other out is by ginning up support through controversial and emotional issues. Although owning a gun is allowed by our Constitution and is a hallmark of our nation’s history, today the progressives have convinced a great many people that guns somehow kill people on their own, and must therefore be banned. Never mind that baseball bats and clubs kill more people each year than do rifles.

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The anti-gun crowd has perhaps done more to encourage snooping neighbors than anything else. In New York, Gov. Cuomo even established the “gun tip line” to call in and report illegal guns, promising a $500 reward for snitching. Palm Beach County, Florida, received $1 million in 2013 from the state senate for “prevention intervention.” As part of that, a 24-hour hotline was set up. In other words, to encourage people to rat on each other to prevent possible future violence that may or may not ever happen.

The Mall of America shooting in Minnesota prompted the state to institute a snitching program in 2012 encouraging citizens to fill out a SARS (suspicious activity report). Suspicious activity is defined as “any reported behavior or activity that may result in the reasonable suspicion that a crime has occurred, could occur or is being planned.” That’s getting a little too close to a Minority Report situation for me.

But by far the worst and most egregious gun-snitching law comes from, of course, California. AB 1014 was passed in 2014 and says that accusations of possible wrongful activity can allow the confiscation of a person’s firearms for a year. If I had a brother there that I didn’t like, I could literally just call the police and tell them that he’s dangerous, and he could lose his guns.

We need to wake up and start supporting and loving our families, neighbors and neighborhoods if we want to change the direction of the country – and not go hog-wild with accusations that may or may not have any truth to them. Otherwise, freedom and liberty will continue losing.

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