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“Forced Bias Testing” Latest Demands From NAACP

Forced bias testing Demanding Forced Bias Testing And Training

Forced bias testing? Bias testing is so subjective and arbitrary that it becomes impossible to be biased against evil.

Forced bias testing? Efforts to prevent societal and cultural bias are the newest and most dangerous threats to privacy: Forced bias training. The president of one of the nation’s most influential agitation organizations wants every American to be tested for “bias.”In true Orwellian form, the NAACP is now demanding forced bias testing and training.

“Everyone should get tested for implicit bias, and if you’re a public official or receiving public dollars it should be mandatory,” National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) President Derrick Johnson wrote in a USA Today op-ed. It’s hard for many Americans to believe that the NAACP demanding forced bias testing and training is real.

Johnson would like everybody to take a psychological examination for bias called the Harvard Implicit Association Test (IAT). Those who test positive for “implicit biases” such as racial or religious prejudices, would have to undergo “bias training” to become better citizens.

NAACP President Wants Mandatory Bias Testing The IAT questions takers on attitudes towards different kinds of people such as blacks, gays, fat people, fast-food workers, etc., and stereotypes. Those who give the wrong answers are officially declared biased and Johnson would like them to undergo training.

Testing for bias would be an obvious threat to privacy as answers to bias tests would end up in public databases where anybody can access them. Potential employers, government agencies, law enforcement, prosecutors, landlords, lenders, the media, hackers, fraudsters, and blackmailers might have access to the bias information.

Individuals would automatically be blacklisted as bigots, racists, fataphobics or homophobic because they gave the wrong answer on a test. To make matters worse, new forms of bias can be concocted “on demand” to shape public opinion as needed by the American Politburo.

Bias Training Ends Up Promoting Bigotry

Disturbingly, there are no agreed-upon standards or benchmarks for such training. Further, there is no evidence that the bias tests or training would actually have any meaning even if an agreed upon bias standard were found.

Calvin K. Lai, a professor of psychological and brain sciences at Washington University pointed out the inconsistencies, “Some bias training consists of nothing but a PowerPoint slide presentation, Lai noted. There is not even a standard format for bias training.”

To make matters more complicated yet, there is evidence that some bias training might make prejudice worse. Some research indicates that testing for “widespread bias” makes bigots more likely to discriminate and less likely to be more tolerant. One scientific study found that diversity training reinforced prejudices.

Despite the lack of scientific evidence or any moral validation regarding bias testing, Johnson wants it applied to all Americans anyway. At least one Fortune 500 Company is going along with Johnson’s suggestion.

Not surprisingly, Starbucks is scheduled to close more than 8,000 stores nationwide on May 29, so its employees can undergo anti-bias, bias training, The New York Times reported. The Times did not say whether the training is mandatory or if it would include testing like the IAT.

Bias Testing Is A Huge Threat To Privacy

Americans might soon have to surrender their privacy completely and reveal all their opinions, simply to get a job. Those who express unpopular or politically incorrect views will be excluded from jobs, education, or housing. The Soviets had similar policies.

The NAACP’s bias testing and training suggestion are also reminiscent of China’s national “social-credit” system, in which citizens are ranked by behavior. Those who score low on “social credit” can be excluded from jobs, loans, and even plane and train tickets, Foreign Policy reported. The level of “social credit” is determined by good behaviors such as charitable donations to the right politically correct organizations, volunteering to do government work, and obedience to government officials. In this hell on earth, it will never be possible for the average person to understand, let alone comply with thought-police legislation.

Ironically, the NAACP, a group that fancies itself as a friend to freedom, is demanding testing and training that will lead to new kinds of bigotry and oppression.

Bias training poses a grave threat to privacy and freedom of expression. You have to wonder if Americans will be able to be “biased” against evil in the future. Seriously, will it actually be illegal to be biased against rapists, murderers and thieves? Do you think the NAACP understands the full ramifications of testing like this? How in their right minds can the NAACP demand forced bias testing and training?

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