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Osama Bin Laden Lookalike Crosses US-Mexico Border Undetected

Osama Bin Laden Lookalike Crosses US-Mexico Border UndetectedA shocking new video demonstrates how unsecure the US-Mexico border is, as journalist James O’Keefe was able to cross it dressed as Osama bin Laden, with no one noticing.

“I don’t see a single federal officer anywhere, no walls, no guns, no people, totally peaceful and serene, I’m in the United States,” O’Keefe said in the Project Veritas video after wading across a shallow Rio Grande River from Chihuahua, Mexico, to Hudspeth County, Texas. After crossing the river O’Keefe was able to walk six miles to Interstate 10, one of America’s busiest highways.

“I’m right in the center of the Mexican-American border and I see no border patrol, I see no security,” O’Keefe said.

O’Keefe wore an Osama bin Laden Halloween-type costume as he crossed the border into the USA.

He called border security a “joke.”

Investigation Reveals No Border Security

“The US Border Patrol was nowhere in sight, and it was obvious this border is not secure,” O’Keefe said. “No one is on watch, even Osama bin Laden could cross.”

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O’Keefe’s investigation revealed a complete lack of security on a stretch of the border just 60 miles from the city of El Paso. Some of the disturbing revelations O’Keefe exposed included:

  • The vaunted border fence is far from complete. Hudspeth County Sheriff Arvin West showed O’Keefe a section of the fence where a formidable-looking concrete and steel barrier ends abruptly. At the end of the fence, the only thing marking the border is four strands of barbed wire. There were gaps in the barbed wire big enough for a large man to get through. “If you think four strands of barbed wire is securing the border then I guess it’s secure,” West said.
  • West showed O’Keefe a steel footbridge across the Rio Grande River, a few miles from I-10. There was no barrier to the bridge. Anybody could walk across it at any time.
  • The Border Patrol has the manpower to patrol the border, West believes, but does not do it. The sheriff alleged that the Border Patrol has been deliberately moved elsewhere. “We’ve got plenty of agents; they just need to be on the border,” West said. “Look around you, you look miles and miles in either direction and there’s not a Border Patrol agent.”

It is easy to see how huge numbers of illegal immigrant children are able to cross into the United States.

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But Elsewhere Along The Border

O’Keefe’s investigation and other recent Off The Grid News stories indicate inconsistent security along the border. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and many residents of the Mexican border region have complained that the border patrol regularly ignores the constitutional rights of US citizens.

Arizona rancher John Ladd complained that the Border Patrol watches all of his movements with cameras, and that that Border Patrol agents regularly come onto his property and cut his fences.

“I’m tired of putting up with the federal government and Border Patrol and anybody that thinks they have the right to come onto my ranch and do whatever they want,” Ladd said.

Do you believe bin Laden-like terrorists could cross the US-Mexico border, undetected? Tell us in the section below: 

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