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Democrat Hypocrisy In The Kavanaugh Hearings

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democrat hypocrisy

Democrat hypocrisy is on full display during the contentious Kavanaugh hearings.

The Senate hearings to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court will dominate the news today and for quite some time. We’re not hearing much about the hearings themselves, but mostly about allegations and accusations being made against Kavanaugh by Democrats. The constant stream of disruptions by Democrat operatives has made the Kavanaugh hearings looks like a repeat of the Clarence Thomas hearings.

Democrat Hypocrisy On Full Display At The Kavanaugh Hearings

It has been clear from the beginning that Democrats would do anything they could to block or at least delay the Kavanaugh nomination, hoping against hope they can take control of the Senate in November and put a stop to any future Trump nominations to the highest court in the land.
It also seems like the Democratic Party will stoop as low as they have to in order to accomplish their goals. Their goals are wrapped up in their ideology, which includes ignoring the Constitution, turning the United States into an idealist utopia, and making us the cornerstone in a one-world socialist government.
The delay tactics of the Democrats have gone through various phases, starting with a general objection about holding the hearings at all, claiming that the hearings should be held off until after November’s elections. Nevertheless, the current phase has been the most vicious. In an orchestrated hit against the Supreme Court nominee, there are now three women (perhaps even 4) who have come forth, claiming that the nominee abused them sexually.

Democrats Are Straining To Dig Up Any Dirt Possible On Kavanaugh

To do this, they have had to go back to Kavanaugh’s college years, as Kavanaugh is certainly no Bill Clinton. In itself, this is highly suspect, as anyone who has gone to college knows how famous college campuses and especially dorms, fraternities, and sororities are for parties. I have heard many a college student, speaking in a moment of candor, referring to their dorms as a “sex hotel.”
We may never know if Kavanaugh was involved with anyone sexually in his college years. However, operatives and accusors make the allegations go much farther than accusing him of possibly inappropriate sexual behavior. Instead, the accusations reach much deeper into the category of abuse. The most recent supposed witness has stated that he and his buddies were organizing rape parties where young women were drugged or bound and raped by a line of young men who waited their turn at the victims.
There are many things which make this story suspect, just as with the other two supposed victims. More than anything, the aforementioned witness claims she was at 10 parties in one year where Kavanaugh and his buddies raped women in this manner. But think about this…if she was so concerned about what was happening, why did she keep going back to those parties? Was she 10 for 10? It doesn’t add up.

The Double Standard Of Democratic Political Justice

Please understand, I believe every rape victim deserves justice. Yet, I am well aware that there are many accusations of rape which do not have any basis in fact. The reality of our legal system allows women to change their minds after the fact, thereby turning what was consensual sex into a charge of rape.
But Democrats aren’t even saying that these women deserve their day in court or that they have a right to be heard. Instead, there are a number of them who are saying that any woman who claims rape should be believed without question, which is a horse of an entirely different color. This is little more than an attempt to subvert the legal system, ignoring the principle of the accused being innocent until proven guilty and replacing it with presumed guilt. It’s based on nothing more than an accusation and hearsay… in this case from quite a while ago.
And, as you might expect, these tactics and this legal standard only apply to conservatives and Republicans, not to Democrats. Were the Democrats truly as righteous as they pretend to be, they would see quite a few fingers pointing back at their own members. Nonetheless, they and their media cohorts are experts at turning a blind eye to their own sins while being quick to invent the sins of their political opponents.

Smoke, Mirrors, And Stall Tactics

This whole debacle has been clearly along those lines, starting with Kavanaugh’s first accuser, Christine Blasey Ford. Among the many unreasonable demands that Ford is making is the demand that Kavanaugh testify first before she does. Once again, this political maneuvering by the Democrats is aimed at subverting our judicial standards. Allowing for such a thing would violate the principle that one has the right to defend themselves from their accusers. How does one defend themselves from an accusation that has not yet been made clear?
But that’s not all that Ford is demanding. Perhaps the one thing that points out most clearly that this is nothing more than a stall tactic is that she is demanding that the FBI perform a full background investigation on Kavanaugh. This process would allegedly determine if they base her accusations in fact.
No matter how it turns out, there is no way that an FBI full background check can be accomplished before the November elections, which accomplishes the Democrats’ goal. But even without that, there are several things wrong with their request. Most notably, the FBI is not charged with providing character references. Such an investigation would be entirely beyond the scope of anything they do. Anyone who knows how the FBI operates knows that.

Straight From The Horse’s Mouth

Kavanaugh has already had several full background investigations performed on him as part of his promotion to different positions on the judicial bench. So, if there was any basis in fact to these allegations, why didn’t they surface until now? For that matter, why did these three women wait 30 years to accuse him? That alone smells of politics, even while ignoring the multiple holes in each of these women’s stories. 
Indeed, the Democrats are hypocrites about this whole thing, and unsurprisingly so. They are now explicitly showing how hypocritical they can be. In a video of former Vice President Joe Biden during his years in the Senate, we see one of Senator Biden’s great moments. He lectures Senate members and spectators in the Caucus Room about the value of FBI reports. He says:
“The next person who refers to an FBI report as being worth anything obviously doesn’t understand anything. FBI explicitly does not in this or any other case reach a conclusion. Period.”

There you have it, straight from the horse’s mouth. Why should Senate Democrats want the FBI to investigate these allegations against Kavanaugh when their report would be inconclusive? This is clearly politics at its worst and not anything that even faintly resembles seeking justice for sexual victims.

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