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Fake Pipe Bombs And The Rise Of Pre-Packaged Propaganda

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fake pipe bombs

Could someone on the left be sending “fake pipe bombs” as a visual image for the media rather than to put anyone in real danger?

For the last week or so, it seems that everything has been focused on the invasion force from Honduras. My Facebook feed contained a constant stream of memes, videos, comments, and articles about the pending invasion and what it meant to the United States. President Trump has been dealing with it as a national security issue. In addition, regular Army troops, as well as the National Guard, are on their way to the border to protect our nation.

Shifting The Story To “Fake Pipe Bombs”

But all that changed Wednesday; at least if you believe the mainstream news media. While the army marching north hasn’t grown any smaller, let alone dissipated, it is apparently no longer of interest. That could be because it doesn’t play well for the Democrat political machine that the mainstream media supports.

As we’ve grown to expect in these cases, the media has shifted to a story that they hope will play out better for the left. This is specifically because of the outrage that it has the potential to develop. I’m referring, of course, to the letter bombs that have been delivered to CNN and several Democratic political figures.

It’s truly amazing how efficient the Post Office can be when you truly need it to. Supposed and possibly fake pipe bombs were delivered to CNN, Obama, Soros, the Clintons, and others, all within a 24-hour window. I wish I could get them to send mail that quickly for me. But wait… how did the Post Office deliver these packages without canceling the postage?

Signs Of A False Flag Operation

There are so many potential signs of a false flag operation here. Indeed, one would either have to be blind or a left-wing zombie to miss them. For six almost identical bombs to be delivered to prominent figures and none of them to work just isn’t feasible. If this were real, at least one of them should have gone off.

Yet, that’s not the biggest incongruency in this operation. All of the “fake pipe bombs” were sent to people who don’t open their own mail. I would think that if someone went to all the trouble to gather the materials, build the devices, find the addresses, and mail the packages, they would make sure that they got to their intended destination. Nevertheless, not one of them did.

According to on-the-air testimony by a retired postal worker, the USPS doesn’t deliver mail to the homes of anyone under Secret Service protection. Since all former presidents have lifetime Secret Service protection (a commonly known fact), that means that the bombs addressed to Clinton and Obama couldn’t have reached them. In fact, these devices couldn’t have even reached their homes. Either the statement that those “fake pipe bombs” were delivered to their homes by the Post Office is an outright lie or they were hand-delivered, with the stamps being nothing more than window dressing.

Oh, and one other little detail. The FBI has already determined that the “bomb” sent to CNN was harmless. So was an envelope with a mysterious “white powder.” If they did make that determination, how did that information get out? How did the x-ray image of the bomb get out? This is supposedly an ongoing investigation, but the FBI doesn’t release information on ongoing investigations… ever!

Convenient Timing With The Upcoming Mid-Term Elections?

As I said, the evidence of a false flag operation is mounting rapidly. But why do a false flag operation of this sort? To try and influence the mid-term elections, of course. Democrats are playing the sympathy card and hoping to garner a few more votes. This is especially true since they were unable to stir up the expected outrage in support of the invasion force heading towards our southern border.

It is apparent that the Democrat playbook is becoming worse and worse and moving more and more into the realm of illegal activity. Meanwhile, they continue to become more and more out of touch with the American public. They are literally driving people into the arms of President Trump, and they are stooping lower and lower to try and stop it. Nevertheless, that’s what’s driving those people into the President’s arms in the first place.

For two years, the left has used violence to “protest” Trump’s election to the highest office in the land. However, their collective temper tantrum hasn’t worked. So, rather than create a real platform to stand on, they’re pushing their message of hate harder and farther.

A Theoretical Right-Wing Lunatic

Don’t they realize that eventually that’s going to backfire on them? The vast majority of privately-owned firearms in this country are in the hands of conservatives. The vast majority of law enforcement officers and the military are also conservative. How can they be so blind as to not see that if the violence gets too bad, it’s not going to play out well for them? They’re the ones who are going to be on the losing side.

Let’s suppose for a moment that this isn’t a false flag operation and some unhinged, extreme, right-wing nutjob made these devices; something that I don’t believe for a moment. Why would they be surprised? They’re the ones who have been trying to paint law-abiding conservatives as dangerous criminals for the last several years. So, they either don’t believe their own message or they believe that they have some otherworldly power to protect themselves from that violence.

Could my theoretical right-wing lunatic have created these “fake pipe bombs”? Yes, they could have. We have our share of mentally unstable people on our side as well. Notwithstanding, I would have to say that if such a person did create these bombs, I would expect them to work. Not a single one of them did, and once again, at least the one delivered to CNN couldn’t have worked.

Did Someone On The Left Send Out The “Fake Pipe Bombs”?

That fact alone, that the devices were inoperative, makes it more likely that this was done by someone on the left. They may have been trying to create a visual image for the media rather than putting anyone in real danger. My theoretical lunatic would have probably known how to build a bomb that works. Not only that, but he would have tested his design to make sure it worked or he wouldn’t have even bothered to build it at all. That’s a downright conservative approach to the problem.

There are many who have stated that this is a false flag operation and I add my voice to theirs. Unless some evidence is produced that shows this to be otherwise, I see no reason at this point to change my opinion. Still, I will wait for the FBI to do their job before I say this with certainty.

The scary part here is that the operation didn’t work. When you consider the leftist way of doing things, that just means they will double-down on what they’ve already done. That’s the way they’ve handled so many other things. If they apply that controlling principle to this operation, then we can expect more pipe bombs to be delivered… and this time, they’ll work. If I was in Washington, I would be very careful right now.

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Do you think that the devices sent to critics of President Trump could be “fake pipe bombs” that were never meant to go off? Let us know in the comments below.


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