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Government Objects To Publishing Bioweapons Research

Public health officials, pharmaceutical companies, the United Nations, and various world governments have spent the last several years doing everything they can to whip up hysteria and fear among the public by warning us repeatedly that the next killer pandemic may be just around the bend.  Constantly invoking the memory of the Spanish flu epidemic of 1918-1919 that allegedly killed more than 20 million people, we have been told over and over that each and every flu strain that comes around could very well turn out to be that dreaded super bug. Everyone is encouraged to rush to the nearest clinic to get their flu shots every year, and the efforts to come up with new and better vaccines to protect us against all potential viruses are ongoing and endless. Just how much money the pharmaceutical companies, university researchers, and medical professionals are making from the flu shot racket is unknown, but the combined amounts certainly must dwarf the total gross national products of at least half the world’s nation-states.

But while the threat of natural pandemics may be exaggerated, the danger presented by biological weapons is something we have to take much more seriously. With genetic engineering technology advancing by leaps and bounds, science has gained the power to forcibly mutate viruses and microbial life forms, potentially turning them into deadly agents capable of infecting and killing tens of millions of people. Theoretically, a rogue nation or terrorist group that got its hands on a killer microbe could launch a biological weapons attack at any place and at any time, and no one would have any idea what had happened until much later when people started dropping dead in droves. And even if there was no intentional attack, the possibility that one of these super viruses might escape from a laboratory entirely by accident also cannot be dismissed.

Because the threat associated with biological weapons threat is very real, obviously it is incumbent on virologists and bacteriologists involved in the study of disease to proceed very carefully in their researches – and this is especially true with those who are working with DNA and studying the techniques of genetic manipulation.  These medical professionals could have knowledge and information that would be very valuable to terrorist groups or foreign spies, so security concerns in this field must always be paramount.

In recent months, this issue has been brought to a head by a shocking development in the field of virology. In 2011, researchers from Erasmus University Medical Center in the Netherlands and the University of Wisconsin, working in tandem, discovered a way to cause mutations in the notorious H5N1 bird flu that turned it into an airborne virus capable of being passed from human to human without direct physical contact. Since some studies have estimated death rates between 50 to 80% for human beings exposed to the H5N1 virus, this news has been greeted with alarm in many circles, especially after it was announced that the prestigious journals Science and Nature were planning to publish the results of this research, with full details provided to show exactly how the new mutations were instigated. In other words, anyone who reads about this research will learn exactly how to go about whipping up some highly contagious bird flu for themselves right in their own home laboratory.

If They Publish, Will We Perish?

When learning of this decision, the US National Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity, which was set up inside the Department of Health and Human Services following the anthrax scare of 2001, took the unprecedented action of asking science journals not to publish these findings. While they stated that they realized the importance of disease researchers being able to share knowledge freely among themselves, they felt the risk that terrorists could use this information to create lethal bioweapons was just too great.

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After hearing this plea from the US government, at first Science and Nature announced they would indeed publish these findings, but only with potentially sensitive details redacted. However, on February 17, following a meeting of public health experts, medical researchers, and science journal representatives convened by the World Health Organization, it was decided that the better course of action would be to delay publication altogether until concerns could be adequately addressed. The new plan is to publish the research results in their entirety, as had first been planned, but only after a public relations campaign has been undertaken that will educate both the general public and government officials about the importance of full disclosure. The idea that will be promoted is that in order to develop effective countermeasures against disease, it is absolutely essential that researchers have full access to all important knowledge, and that any attempts to censor or suppress science will have more negative than positive effects in the long run. In a few months, after these disease experts have had the chance to straighten the rest of us out and convince us that they know best, only then will the results of this research be published.

The imperious, holier-than-thou attitude now being displayed by the scientific community on this issue is unfortunately all too typical. You would think researchers who needed to share sensitive information could do it privately, in person or on secure online networks. But no, they need to put everything out there for everyone to see, and the rest of us simply need to be re-educated so we can see how foolish we are all being to worry about this. Mainstream scientists consider themselves to be a part of a culturally and intellectually elite community, and anyone who questions their plans or declarations is dismissed as ignorant, reactionary, or misguided.

The question has to be asked, however – is the government really as upset about the impending publication of this research as they claim, or was this whole thing actually one big show put on for the public’s benefit?  Anyone who understands how mainstream science thinks and operates would have known that any attempt to censor them or tell them what to do would backfire, so the only thing the government’s ham–handed campaign has accomplished is to bring a whole lot of attention to the fact that a strain of weaponized H5N1 bird flu now exists that could be spread rapidly and cause a massive loss of life. Even the chairman of the US National Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity, Paul Kleim, has admitted that the details of this research will all come out in the end anyway. So why draw even more attention to the existence of this potentially lethal bioweapon by trying to suppress it in a way that was predestined to failure? Could it be that certain powerful interests see panic and hysteria among the general public over the existence of this new virulent strain of the flu as a good thing?

Disease, Hysteria, and the Politics of Control – Assessing the Threat

Back in 2009, there was a clear attempt by the same combination of actors mentioned earlier – public health officials, medical researchers, and governments all over the world – to create fear and paranoia among the masses about the un-genetically manipulated version of the very same bird flu virus that is currently causing so much consternation. This attempt failed, mostly because people became aware that is was difficult to contract this illness, and therefore there really wasn’t much to worry about. But a genetically enhanced version of this killer bird flu in the hands of terrorists—that would be a completely different story, because bioweapons in the possession of our enemies is without any doubt a possibility we should all fear and fear greatly. And so, thanks to the new round of bird flu hysteria that has been created by the public vetting of this issue, the quest for a cure for this potentially deadly killer will inevitably take on a whole new urgency, which means huge amounts of grant money for researchers who will be tasked with finding a cure, and even bigger profits for the pharmaceutical companies who will be selling the drugs or providing the vaccines that will supposedly protect us from any lethal H5N1 strain.

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As for the government’s agenda, two developments – one from the past and one from the present – will tell us all we need to know. Following the aforementioned anthrax scare (which was ultimately traced to government laboratories right here in the US), and again following the bird flu hysteria of 2009, while the public was not bamboozled many legislators in the United States were, and the result was that in 2002 and again in 2009 several US states passed a draconian “health protection” law called the Model State Health Emergency Powers Act.

Originally crafted shortly after the attacks of September 11, 2001, this statute gives state public health officials the power to use state militias to:

  • close any or all roads leading into or out of cities;
  • seize homes, computers, cars, food, fuel, firearms, and alcoholic beverages from any citizen with no guarantee that anything will ever be returned;
  • force all citizens to have  vaccinations;
  • and place anyone under quarantine or arrest who refuses to take them or who has been declared a threat to the public safety by some government authority for any reason whatsoever.

Every since the tragic events of 9/11, the government has been using the threat of terrorism as an excuse to pass laws that have either taken away some of our civil liberties in the present or reserve to government officials the right to take them away in the future any time there is some sort of emergency. Hysteria over weaponized bird flu would give them yet another useful rationale that could be used to justify the passing of even more laws like this down the road, which perhaps explains why the recent campaign to stop information about this lethal flu strain from getting out into the public was handled in a way that ultimately doomed it to failure.

None of this is just speculation. Already, supposedly as a result of this recent controversy, the US National Security Council is demanding that a new law be created that would give it the authority to legally suppress any research it decides could potentially help terrorists or rogue nations develop biological or chemical weapons. Once again, we are seeing an example of how concerns over security and safety can be used to justify the expansion of the powers of the secret government, which is significant because it is this hidden state-within-a-state that will provide the infrastructure of repression and control should martial law ever be declared, or laws like the Model Emergency Health Powers Act ever be put into full application.

Watching the Watchers

What makes this current campaign to manipulate and control the public so insidious is that it is using a very real threat to maneuver us into accepting the growth of government power and the secret state. Societal collapse following the outbreak of a bio-war is a very real possibility, but instead of doing everything they can to stop it, our government is using the existence of such a possibility as an excuse to pursue a dark agenda.

It has been said that the price of liberty is eternal vigilance, and this has never been truer than it is right now. Not only do we have to be on the lookout for our enemies, but it appears we also have to be on guard against the nefarious actions of the very institutions that are supposed to be protecting us.

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