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Holding DC’s Spoiled Brats Responsible

government shutdown

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Is it any wonder our nation’s government is falling apart? Our politicians — the ones we put in charge — are acting like children. More than that, our representatives are acting like spoiled children.

My youngest son was born late in our lives, and for the last 7 years he has been the only child in our home. We have given him the things we could not have given our older children. He didn’t have to earn what he got, having things handed to him. In return, we raised a spoiled child. We are working with him now, but once he got a taste of living life having things handed to him, he did not want to change.

In this country, we have raised a whole bunch of politicians who have had a taste of getting things for nothing. They have unlimited bank accounts, drive fancy cars, and they want for nothing. Is it any wonder that they now are acting like spoiled kids? Now, after raising a whole generation of spoiled senators and congressmen, we have created a bunch of dysfunctional children who can’t seem to get along. We give them money to show up now and then to create and pass laws that keep our country alive and well. But now they sit — arms folded and ears shut — while 800,000 government workers are without jobs until these spoiled kids get their way in the midst of a government shutdown.

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In the end, who do you think will pay the mortgage on these poor people’s homes while our politicians are throwing their fits? Make no mistake about it, the great people of the United States of America will pay the price here. Once these politicians get their way, they will “fix” things by handing out the taxpayers’ money after the fact, expecting to be treated like heroes because they are helping the poor government employees pay their bills.

And what kind of message are we sending to the world? It’s all over the news now, that our own politicians can’t get along. If I were planning to attack America, this would be the time to do it. Heck, even our veterans going on “Honor Flights” won’t be able to see the very things they came to see, because our senators can’t get along. How would you feel if you fought for your country, served your time, and then when you finally get to go to our nation’s capital to see how they have honored you, the place is shut down? What a disgrace. And we call ourselves the “United” States of America?

It’s time to clean house. I say we unload everyone. I say we start over. Anyone involved in this scandal — holding innocent people hostage — must go. This maneuver that Congress and the Senate have staged must not go unpunished. Maybe we should re-write the rules for the people responsible — no more campaign funds, no more fancy hotels and cars, no more bartering with big companies for their vote, no more big paychecks until they start doing their jobs. With our own youngest son, everything had to be taken away, and hard work was the key. He now must earn everything he gets. Funny thing, it started with cleaning the barn. As soon as the bus dropped him off, he was out cleaning up the messes he made. Once he had to clean up the mess, he was very careful not to make a mess in the first place.

As Americans, we have raised a bunch of spoiled brats, put them in charge of our government, and now it’s time to clean the barn. I say let them clean it or get rid of them.

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