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Mysterious Break-In At State Department Whistleblower’s Law Firm

whistleblower break-in

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A State Department whistleblower and her attorney are making allegations of wrong doing that bear an eerie resemblance to Watergate. The allegations include a burglary that even sounds like the break in that launched the Watergate scandal that eventually brought down President Richard Nixon.

Two men broke into the offices of Schulman & Mathias, a law firm that represents Aurelia Fedenisn, over the weekend of July 6–7. Fedenisn is a former investigator for the State Department’s Office of the Inspector General. Last month she leaked documents that showed top State Department officials, including former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, might have covered up criminal activity and sexual harassment by State Department employees.

Cover Up at the State Department

On June 10 Fedenisn gave CBS News a State Department memo that contained examples of misconduct. The memo stated that a State Department official in Beirut had sexually assaulted foreign nationals working at the U.S. Embassy there. It also stated that members of Hillary Clinton’s security detail regularly hired prostitutes while on duty overseas.

Another allegation was that State Department security contractors in Bagdad were buying dope from a local drug dealer. The memo also stated that agents working for the Inspector General were ordered to stop investigating allegations that a U.S. Ambassador in an unnamed country was picking up prostitutes in a public park.

Fedenisn also told CBS News that she thinks “hostile intelligence services” have used the inappropriate behavior to infiltrate the State Department. She thinks foreign spies are aware of the abuses and using them to blackmail State Department officials.

Mysterious Break-In in Texas

The burglary at Schulman & Mathias’s offices in Dallas is raising questions because the burglars only took computers. Cary Schulman, Fedenisn’s lawyer, told reporters that the crooks ignored valuables, including video equipment and silver bars. They were only interested in the computers.

Whoever the burglars were, they went to a great deal of trouble to get into the law office. News reports indicate that they went to the trouble of cutting a hole in the wall of a neighboring office to get in.

Schulman thinks the burglars were looking for more information about the wrongdoing at the State Department. The crooks may have also been looking for incriminating information about Hillary Clinton.

We don’t know who is responsible for this, but the most likely suspects are foreign intelligence agencies. Foreign spies might be trying to protect their operations or dig up more dirt to blackmail State Department officials with. They might think that there are more State Department memos and other incriminating documents on Schulman’s computers.

Schulman does not think the State Department or Hillary had anything to do with the break in. He noted that it wasn’t professional enough, but professionals might try to cover their tracks by making their job look amateur.

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Why It Sounds Like Watergate

Interestingly enough, the break in that launched the Watergate scandal at a Democratic Party office at Washington D.C.’s Watergate Hotel was also a decidedly amateur affair. The burglary turned out to be the work of the Plumbers, a group of amateur spies hired by the Nixon administration to steal information about its political opponents.

The Watergate scandal also involved an effort to discredit a whistleblower, Daniel Ellsberg, who had leaked the so-called Pentagon Papers to The New York Times and The Washington Post. Even before the Watergate break in, Nixon henchman G. Gordon Liddy and three others broke into Ellsberg’s psychiatrist’s office and tried to steal files to get information to discredit him. The idea was to turn the files over to the press in an attempt to make Ellsberg look crazy.

So another possibility is that somebody is trying to gather information they could use to discredit Ms. Fedenisn. The person who would benefit most from such an effort would presumably be Hillary Clinton.

Harassment and Intimidation

Schulman is also alleging that state department officials are harassing Fedenisn and her children in an attempt to intimidate her. After she released the documents to CBS, investigators from the State Department Inspector General’s Office began approaching Fedenisn’s children and asking for information.

The investigators camped out on Fedenisn’s door and tried to get her to sign a document that admitted she stole State Department documents. Schulman claims that Fedenisn has been threatened with arrest and criminal charges by federal agents.

This behavior is possibly illegal because, as Schulman points out, the materials that Fedenisn leaked to the media were not classified. She may not have broken any law and was simply exercising her First Amendment rights. Of course, the Obama Administration only believes in the First Amendment when the “free” speech supports its agenda.

So it’s obvious that somebody at the State Department wants Fedenisn silenced and any other documents she has kept out of the media. The Department is scared that its dirty laundry is about to be exposed.

The media’s reaction to this scandal hasn’t been what it should be. To be fair, the press is distracted by a far greater and more serious scandal—Edward Snowden’s allegations against the National Security Agency. Yet this scandal bears watching, particularly if Fedenisn’s allegations that foreign intelligence agencies can manipulate the State Department are true.

It is also interesting to note that the media has not come to the defense of this whistleblower and her family. Perhaps her crime is to criticize an institution that liberals in the media like and admire, namely the State Department. Just imagine how the media would be acting if Fedenisn’s allegations were directed at the Pentagon.

Congress needs to do its job and launch a thorough investigation of this matter. The allegations here are bothersome because they could do severe damage to our relations with other countries if they are true.

What Is Going on at the State Department?

I also have to wonder what else the State Department is covering up. Perhaps there’s a bigger scandal there we haven’t heard of yet. That too would be shades of Watergate because in the Watergate scandal, it was the clumsy efforts to cover up the crimes that exposed the wrongdoing and destroyed Richard Nixon.

Some politicians, it seems, don’t learn from history. They make the same mistakes as their predecessors and destroy their careers in exactly the same manner.

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