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Opinion: Honor 9/11 Victims – Don’t Aid Al Qaeda In Syrian Civil War

september 11 attacks

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The 9/11 terror attacks occurred 12 years ago today, and the world tragically and suddenly became a forever-changed place for all Americans. Our sense of safety and security were shaken, never to fully recover. Many of our children did not have the opportunity to know a world without terrorism alerts. They assume that the Department of Homeland Security has always been in existence.

On this day when we remember the lives lost when the Twin Towers fell and a plane crashed into the Pentagon, many of us will also ponder how the ongoing unrest in the Middle East may further impact our lives. President Obama has been woefully unsuccessful in his attempt to convince either the American people or Congress that the Syrian civil war gassing of civilians equates to a national security risk for the United States. But that does not mean even the attempt to initiate an air strike on Syria should not give us cause for concern.

All too often taxpayer dollars have been used to provide arms and aid to various rebel groups in the Middle East before the “good guys” have been clearly identified. While no one wants to see chemical weapons falling into the hands of terrorists, the United States needs to possess crystal-clear intelligence — while noting which side of the war is actually comprised of terrorists. Perhaps both sides hate the American way of life. A host of reputable news agencies in both America and around the world have reported that at least a significant portion of the Syrian rebel fighters are Al Qaeda terrorists.

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If a single penny were to be spend aiding Al Qaeda terrorists, it would a stain on the memory of those who died on 9/11 and a slap in the face of the heroic first responders who worked tirelessly not only to try and help survivors, but for months at Ground Zero to recover remains.

Although the Syrian civil war began in March 2011, American taxpayers have reportedly been funding the reels since 2006. The United States allegedly sent arms to the opposition forces in 2007, according to the New Yorker.

A New York Times report states that Aleppo, the largest city in Syria, contains rebels “aligned with Al Qaeda.” The contingent of Syrian rebels reportedly run the power plant, a court that applies Islamic law, and multiple bakeries. The Times report goes on to claim that the same rebel group has taken over government-owned oil fields. One of the allegedly most extreme Al Qaeda-aligned groups in Syria is the Al Nusra Front. The group has been deemed a terrorist organization by the United States government.

Ari Ratner, a former Obama administration advisor at the State Department and currently a fellow at the Truman National Security Project, had this to say about Al Qaeda ties among the Syrian rebel groups: “Some of the more extremist opposition is very scary from an American perspective, and that presents us with all sorts of problems. We have no illusions about the prospect of engaging with the Assad regime — it must still go — but we are also very reticent to support the more hard-line rebels.”

The families of four brave Americans are still morning the senseless loss of their loved ones in the 9/11/12 terror attack on the embassy in Benghazi. Instead of focusing taxpayer money and military time on the Syrian Civil War and rebels linked to Al-Qaeda, the Obama administration should catch and punish the terrorists who took four American lives in the second 9/11 terrorism attack.

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