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Opinion: Please Don’t Help Obama Kick-Start World War 3

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Hello friends. I’m writing you today because our government has spent too much money. My president has spent all the money we already gave him, and even more money our children have yet to make, but it’s still not enough. My president needs another $1.28 trillion to prove a point to the world. He’s my president, and I am told I should support him, no matter what.

I cringed when my president spent $1.28 trillion dollars tracking down and killing Osama Bin Laden. Sure, we all wanted him dead. I guess it doesn’t matter that we had to start two wars in other countries, and I guess it doesn’t matter that these wars cost us thousands of young Americans and $1 trillion. I know now, it wasn’t worth it.

I was worried when my president pushed hard to get Obamacare passed, even though it will cost Americans $1.1 trillion over the next 10 years, and even though crooked medical lobbyists spent millions of dollars bribing our congressmen to get it passed. Even though the majority of US citizens were against Obamacare, and even though it will cost the average citizen $5,000 per year, that didn’t seem to bother my president.

I questioned President Obama when he handed out more than $800 billion to Americans through a stimulus package, of which I saw $700. At least that paid my house payment for a month, even though my president passed laws so I could live in my house for years without even paying the payments. I wonder how much that $800 billion will end up costing us, because we had to borrow money to pay this out, but I am supposed to trust that my president knows what he is doing. After all, $800 billion is just a drop in the bucket compared to the $5 trillion of our money my president borrowed since he took office.

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Today I want to appeal to the American citizens: Please don’t help my president prove another point. He thinks we should start a war with Syria because they are fighting with — of all people — themselves. Now, I don’t condone the use of chemical warfare, but what’s the difference between spreading chemicals and using, say, a nuclear bomb? At least my president was smart enough not to drop a bomb on his own people, yet.

Normally, my president would get his buddies at NATO to back him, and just go borrow more money and start dropping bombs. But, after an American president fooled NATO with false information about weapons in Iraq, American presidents have lost their trustworthy status. Add to that, most of the people on Earth have let it be known they don’t think Americans should get involved in Syria’s civil war, and Congress can’t even muster up enough votes to say yes to my president’s idea.

This is why I am appealing to you today. Below you will find a video that explains it all. After watching it, I’m sure you will all agree, we should no longer trust our president. Let’s not help our president kick-start World War 3!

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