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Opinion: Putin Takes Charge And Obama Gets Played

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President Obama brazenly drew a “red line” in regards to the use of chemical weapons in the Syrian civil war, but Russian President Vladimir Putin has eliminated the US president’s bravado to nothingness. Americans who chose not to vote for Barack Obama are likely not surprised by the man’s withering demeanor, but President Obama’s words, actions, and inaction has made the United States look weak as well.

The use of gas on innocent civilians is, of course, upsetting and tragic, but not a threat to the sanctity or national security of America. The two-year-old war between two sets of shady and likely Al Qaeda-linked groups was none of our business, until President Obama decided to make a threat he is now unable or unwilling to back up. Our only true interest in the entire Middle East region is oil, and such a dependence is entirely unnecessary.

While President Obama relentlessly attempted to convince both the American people and even members of his own party in Congress that a tiny airstrike without ever a single boot stepping foot on the ground was immediately necessary, Russian President Vladimir Putin took the reins and emerged looking like a strong leader and chief peacemaker on the world stage.

John Kerry’s sarcastic and rhetorical question about what, if anything, Syria could do to avert military action by the United States was quickly disregarded by the White House as a mere “off-the-cuff” response detailing scenarios which could never possibly materialize. Putin must not have been watching the press conference follow-up because he took, or wants the world to think he took, Kerry’s suggestions seriously.

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Less than 24 hours before the highly unanticipated President Obama press conference which was meant to sway the public and Congress to vote in favor of an airstrike, a peace deal was possibly headed to the table courtesy of Mother Russia. But wait, while the White House press writers were frantically tapping away to change the focus of Obama’s speech, the terms being shared via emerging world leader Vladimir Putin, appeared unacceptable. As the speech writers were forced to hit delete once again, a haggard and seemingly unenthused Barack Obama headed to the podium with a speech in search of a purpose.

Alexie Pushkov, Russian Lower House Committee on International Relations member, said this when addressing Parliament: “If the ‘party of war’ prevails in the United States … then I consider it absolutely justified to suggest considering more serious measures by Russia, including broadening of supplies of defensive weapons to Iran.”

The possible increase of tensions with Iran if President Obama persists on intervening militarily in the Syrian Civil War is a matter not yet discussed at the podium by administration officials. The president’s promise that American soldiers would never be on the ground in Syria was short-sighted, to say the least. If even a small airstrike would take place, there could be retaliation from various nation states in the Middle East, and possibly even Russia, which could spark World War III.

When even the Huffington Post, publishes a headline which reads, “Vladimir Putin Is Way Better Than Obama And Here Are 8 Reasons Why” you have to admit the man who promised the most transparent and non-partisan presidency in the history of the Republic is in the midst of an epic fail.

Shepard Smith of Fox News said this about the ever-evolving plans of President Obama and the role Russian unexpectedly opted to play in the Syria debate: “I think we’ve just wasted 24 solid hours and we’ve not made one bit of progress, not one centimeter of progress. The Russians just blew hard and blew us right off course. We just got played.”

Vladimir Putin likely chuckled heartily as he sipped on a tall glass of Vodka while watching the president of the United States flounder in front of the entire world on national television. President Obama’s term in the Oval Office will eventually be over, but it may take years for the reputation of the United States to return from the chip and dent aisle to a place of prominence on the global stage.

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