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Presumption Of Innocence No More? The World Has Turned Upside Down

presumption of innocence

What’s going on with Kavanaugh is not just a circus… it’s a perversion of the American legal system at its core. The presumption of innocence until proven guilty is gone.

The 2016 presidential elections brought a major political shift to this country. For eight long years, we had been subject to the dictates of the political left. This occurred at first through the majority vote in Congress and then through actions taken by the executive branch. As we were drawing towards the election, many looked at the potential destruction of our country if the Democrats won. Moreover, pundits and pollsters everywhere claimed that victory long before the first ballot was cast.

Through those eight years, conservatives were on the defense. In addition to the normal array of dangers and risks we face every day, there was an apparent risk from our own government. Rhetoric coming from the White House and Democratic members of Congress made it sound like they would like nothing better than to string us all up. Even worse, they called anyone that objected a bigot and a terrorist. These antics caused the ranks of preppers to swell as more and more thinking Americans saw the implications.

How The 2016 Election Caught Us Off Guard

But all that changed on November 8th, when Donald Trump handily won an upset victory against Hillary Clinton. His victory upset the political apple cart in a bigger way than anyone could have imagined.  No longer did conservatives have to worry about Obama declaring martial law, confiscating our guns, or rounding up “political dissidents.” We could go back to living our lives like normal, forgetting about any risk from the deep state.

The problem, though, is that we all seem to have forgotten that very little has changed. Many of us had become solely focused on the things the government was doing and the things we thought they might do. This type of thinking overshadowed all other potential threats, making us blind to them.

This sort of tunnel vision is extremely dangerous. As a general rule of thumb, it’s not the thing that you’re focused on, but the one that you overlook which “bites you bad” in the gluteus maximus. The television program Doomsday Preppers made it sound like we preppers each have one big, catastrophic disaster that we are preparing for. However, the reality is that any true prepper tries to take a broad view of potential problems. We usually have a view towards preparing for as many of them as possible.

The Recent Political Shift Could Lead To Republican Complacency

Overall, the political shift has meant that we are less prepared for disaster than we were two years ago. People who had finely tuned their preparations in 2016 are now languishing. Some of them have even gone so far as to consume parts of their stockpiles as if they no longer needed anything!

Yet, the danger of hurricanes and tornadoes hasn’t abated one bit. Neither has the risk of a rogue state or group sending a nuke fused for high-altitude EMP. Not even President Trump’s summit with Kim Jong-un could stop this kind of threat. The world is still as full of danger as ever, even if the Left has temporarily lost power.

The key word here is “temporarily.” Historically, control of Congress switches to the opposing party during mid-term elections, and Democrats are working overtime to try and make this happen. Part of this turnover is usually due to complacency on the part of the party who is in power. So, all that needs to happen for the Democrats to take control of both houses of Congress in the coming elections is for Republican voters to stay home.

The Democrats Will Use Any Tactic To Return To Power

We’re already seeing a glimpse of what that will bring, should it happen. Democrats think that they are backed by the majority of the population, even after the 2016 elections. Likewise, they think that their extremist, progressive ideology is what the country wants. They still maintain this even after losing control of Congress, the 2016 presidential election, as well as many state-level positions.

Sadly, the Democratic party will stoop to any level to gain and hold power. Let’s look at when Mitt Romney was making a bid for the presidency in the 2008 elections. Harry Reid, then Senate Majority Leader, claimed publicly that Romney had not paid any taxes for 10 years. Later, when questioned by a reporter, he admitted it was a lie. In addition, he justified himself by saying, “He didn’t win, did he?”

Democrats like to call the Republican Party “the party of opposition” because they oppose the Democratic ideology of “progressivism.” In this, they are simply applying the age-old tactic of blaming your opponent for what you do. Even so, anyone who is watching can see that it is the Democrats themselves who have become the party of opposition. They march in lockstep to oppose anything that Trump or the Republican Party try to do.

The Presumption Of Innocence Is Absent At The Kavanaugh Hearings 

This has become their battle cry, and they’ve been shouting it long and loud ever since losing the presidency. We’ve seen it nowhere more clearly than in the confirmation hearings for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Democrats have done everything they can to delay the hearings. They’ve performed these actions on the belief that they will take control of the Senate in the November elections. At that point, they will be able to block Kavanaugh’s nomination entirely.

The recent accusations of sexual misconduct are merely the latest hit-piece against Kavanaugh. There are so many holes in the accusers’ stories as to make them totally unbelievable. On top of that, there are so many “coincidences” with their star witness, Ford, to demonstrate that the whole thing has been orchestrated. Here’s just one little detail: the fact that a woman who publicly declared that someone should claim that Neil Gorsuch had abused them sexually is enough to derail her testimony.

But leaving that aside, the supposed event happened over 30 years ago when they were both supposedly in college. If we ignore the fact that Ford had graduated before the events took place, this was still college, where a lot of crazy things happen after hours. This is hardly shocking testimony. College parties are famous for drinking and sexual activity. I guess we can give her the benefit of the doubt that they were both at a party where there was sex. Nevertheless, that still doesn’t mean that he raped her or anyone else. The presumption of innocence, in this case, has been blatantly replaced with unproven allegations that demand unassailable credibility at the outset.

Political Discussions No Longer Focus On Real Issues

I don’t know if there’s anything to her story, and to be honest, I don’t care. As I said, it was over 30 years ago in college. If that’s the only thing they can bring against him, something clearly outside any statute of limitations, then he’s probably going to make it. After all, “he said-she said” 30 years ago isn’t much concrete evidence against him.

Shouldn’t we be talking about his overall voting record? I wonder how many cases he has decided as a judge that involved the presumption of innocence or private property rights? No one’s talking about the real issues.

Nonetheless, this shows us how low the Democrats are willing to go. We all know that they are still talking about taking our guns away and reversing Trump’s tax breaks. Further, now they are saying that a man’s life and career should be destroyed based upon unfounded and unsubstantiated accusations. If that’s the case, where is there safety for any of us?

The One-Sided Perversion Of The American Legal System

What’s going on with Kavanaugh is not just a circus… it’s a perversion of the American legal system at its core. The presumption of innocence until proven guilty is gone. All it takes to make someone guilty is for them to be a conservative or moderate and for the Left to get the fabrication machine started up.

Granted, Kavanaugh is a big target. He’s a bigger target than you or I can ever expect to be. Notwithstanding, that alone doesn’t make us safe. If Democrats have their way, they will start from the top and work their way down, eliminating anyone and everyone who opposes them. That’s what totalitarian governments do, and more than anything that seems to be their agenda. So, unless we stay alert, stay prepared, and vote, it’s just a matter of time before they come for you and me. And unfortunately, we can no longer even rely on the presumption of innocence until proven guilty to protect us.

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Do you think that the presumption of innocence is absent from our current political climate? Let us know in the comments below.

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