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Is There Proof Someone Is Hacking Elections?

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hacking elections

Four security experts contacted by the AP independently confirm allegations that somebody is hacking elections. Moreover, the experts believe that Georgia’s voter registration system is highly vulnerable to hacking.

There is compelling evidence that somebody is hacking elections. In fact, hacking allegations and voting problems in Georgia may provide further evidence of such a tactic.

Notably, former Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp alleges somebody hacked his state’s voter registration system right before the election. Vox reports Kemp’s old office is investigating a hack which he blames on Democrats.

Kemp, a Republican, claims to have won the governor’s race in Georgia. Democrat Stacey Abrams disputes Kemp’s win because of uncounted absentee and provisional votes. In detail, Abrams claims that a run-off is necessary because the election is so close.

Is There Evidence That Someone Is Hacking Elections?

Democratic claims that Kemp fabricated the hacking allegations are untrue. Abrams, in particular, is still accusing Kemp of lying about the hacking. However, other Georgia Democrats admit the hacking allegations are credible.

In fact, an “unidentified citizen” who discovered a massive security hole in the state’s voter registration system is making the hacking allegations. The citizen sent warnings to Kemp, the Associated Press (AP), and the Georgia Democratic Party.

“If this report is accurate, it is a massive vulnerability,” Sara Tindall Ghazal admits. Significantly, Ghazal is the voter protection director for the Georgia Democratic Party.

Flaws Show Somebody Is Hacking Elections

Four security experts contacted by the AP independently confirm allegations that somebody is hacking elections. Moreover, the experts believe that Georgia’s voter registration system is highly vulnerable to hacking.

Particularly, one of the AP’s experts identified a flaw that allows attackers to install malware in the state’s voter registration system. The malware can alter voter data or spy on people who are registering to vote.

Also, expert Kris Constable of PrivaSecTech claims Georgia’s voter registration system “clearly has never been audited by any computer security professional.”

Were People Unable To Vote Because Somebody Is Hacking Elections?

Currently, there is no direct evidence somebody is hacking the Georgia election system. Notwithstanding, many Georgians could not vote because of voter registration problems attributable to cyberwarfare.

To illustrate, Seattle Times columnist David Brotherton says he saw officials deny ballots to 20 people in Hephzibah, Georgia. The people could not vote because their names are not listed in the official state registry of voters.

To explain, Georgia removes people from voter registration lists if they have not voted in the past three years. Additionally, Georgia purges individuals from voting lists if the name on the registration differs from data on other government records.

So, malware could oust people from the voter registration lists by changing their names or voting histories. Furthermore, the AP’s security experts say malware which can change names can easily penetrate Georgia’s voter registration system.

Did Voting Machines Malfunction Because Somebody Is Hacking Elections?

In addition, voting machine malfunctions occurred in Georgia which malware can certainly cause.

For instance, electronic poll books used to check in voters were not working in Gwinnett County, The Chicago Tribune reports. Consequently, voters could not use fast, touchscreen voting machines. Instead, voters were waiting in long lines.

Additionally, circumstantial evidence exists that someone is targeting “voting problems” for specific groups. For example, observers report longer lines and more malfunctions at polling stations in African-American areas.

Is Somebody Hacking Elections To Hurt Republican Candidates?

A possibility the mainstream media is refusing to discuss is that somebody is hacking elections to make Republicans look racist or incompetent.

To clarify, Kemp was in charge in of voter registration as Georgia’s Secretary of State. Moreover, Democrats are criticizing Kemp for remaining in that post while running for governor. Kemp did not resign from his position as Secretary of State until November 8, two days after the election.

In addition, Abrams and others are accusing Kemp of “voter suppression.” Particularly, NAACP President Derrick Johnson accuses Kemp of engaging in “textbook voter suppression.” Johnson alleges Kemp used his former office to keep minorities from voting.

For this reason, there is a possibility that someone is engineering the voting problems in Georgia to make Kemp and his ally President Donald J. Trump appear racist. Specifically, malware could be targeting polling places in African-American neighborhoods to convince people that blacks are being denied the right to vote.

Is Somebody Hacking Elections To Harm President Trump?

If the Georgia election system is being hacked, then we must ask the following questions: who is hacking it and why?

Remarkably, a foreign government could be hacking the voter registration system in Georgia. There are several good reasons for governments such as China to hack American elections.

First, the Chinese want to hurt American politicians who are implementing policies they dislike. Significantly, both President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence (R-Indiana) started warning of Chinese election interference in September.

Trump even asserted that the Chinese “do not want me or us to win” at the United Nations, as Vox states. To elaborate further, Trump thinks the Chinese oppose his trade policies, such as a 25% tariff on Chinese imports. Therefore, the Chinese could be sending Trump a message that they will hack elections to hurt Republican candidates.

Secondly, creating election problems makes the American political system look bad. An obvious goal of China’s Communist government is to discredit America and its voting process.

Is China Hacking Elections To Turn Americans Against Each Other?

Thirdly, the Chinese could weaken the United States by increasing political polarization in America.

For instance, two-thirds of 600 foreign policy experts surveyed believe political polarization is a “critical threat to US national security.” Hackers could even plant evidence blaming the Georgia voter registration hack on Democrats. To elaborate, hackers hope Kemp will blame Democrats to increase polarization, which he undoubtedly is doing.

Allegations of voter suppression will increase political polarization by turning Americans against each other. In particular, voter suppression allegations can turn blacks against whites and trigger race riots.

Finally, there is evidence that somebody is merely testing to see if they can hack an election. Hence, somebody could be hacking the Georgia election system simply to prove such interference is possible. As a result, what is happening in Georgia is probably a preview of what may happen during the 2020 Presidential Election.

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What are your thoughts on the possibility of someone hacking elections in America? Let us know in the comments below.

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