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Senate Bill S510 and the Relentless Pursuit of Economic Control

There has been a cry in the wilderness for years, the voices of “alarmists” and “conspiracy theorists” begging us to see with our own eyes. It has been dismissed as crazy talk by government and media institutions, while stealthily, but steadily, invading the lives of ordinary Americans without alerting them to its dawning reality.  It wasn’t until the recent introduction of Senate Bill S510 that this growing threat has finally begun to seep into the consciousness of a sleeping public.

The bill, which would enable the government to exert further control over the production and consumption of food products, is the first real attempt at codifying the government’s long held intention of nationalizing the country’s food commerce.

Introduced under the guise of a consumer protection initiative, the bill would extend the powers of the regulation, oversight and management of our country’s food production to world bodies such as the WTO and the UN, effectively eliminating our sovereign control over our own commerce.

The law would also open the door wider for corporate entities such as agri-giant Monsanto, to take on a broader and more powerful role in shaping and policing regulations which have yet to be written. In essence, S510 would legitimatize the efforts of big agri-business to drive the small farms and businesses out of the food production.

This action mirrors the efforts made in other countries such as France, Italy and India to expand the governments’ control over production resources that would render the small producers and civilians subservient to corporate rule.

How is it that this has been allowed to happen in one of the most advanced societies in the history of civilization? Has that much time passed that we have allowed today’s generations to forget the lessons of 20th century fascism and communism?

It would probably disturb most people today to learn that the propaganda and mind-control tactics that were used in Hitler’s Germany and Stalin’s Soviet Union actually originated in the United States.  Where the Nazis and the Soviets failed to sustain their campaigns of fear and propaganda in order to cement their power over their citizens, the United States, operating through subversive elements, has done so for a century without impunity.

Fear is the weapon that governments use to advance policies and expand power where they otherwise would be rejected by the public.  For generations the public has succumbed to a slow drip of fear administered by the government and has been anesthetized against the reality of its true intentions.

The recent egg salmonella scare added fuel to S510 supporters who used it much the same way as government agencies and politicians have previously applied fear tactics in order to stage a government “rescue”.  In an act that has been perfected by the government and its minions, it brings its freedom-usurping power masked as a benevolent savior.

The mainstream media has been blatantly complicit in the spread of fear and in censoring opposition to increasing government intrusion on our liberties. The term “state-controlled media” has been dismissed as right-wing hysteria, yet, considering that two of the major networks are owned by conglomerates with tentacles that reach deep into government defense and energy budgets, the case for government influence in media content can easily be made.

The programming of nightly network news and the constant chorus of fear-stoking investigative journalism is, in effect, a mechanism for the programming of millions of hapless viewers who are steeped into its repetitive message of doom and gloom.  When this manufactured reality begins to permeate the psyche of uninformed people, fear is elevated to the point where the call for more government power or intervention appears as the only possible salvation.

With the national media under its control, and with corporate partners as its execution arm, the government can more freely continue its march towards a globalization policy without completely exposing itself as the lead conspirator.

Is the public starting to wake up? There are indications that it is, but as more people do wake up, they find themselves in a nightmare reality that they may not want to face.  Although opinion polls are turning against government expansion into our lives, the realities on the ground indicate that the globalization movement still continues.

The discredited global warming campaign that has long been waged in a highly concerted, international effort by government bodies, international conglomerates and the world-wide media has been unveiled as a massive attempt to globalize the world’s energy and production resources. Although efforts at instituting cap and trade policies have been publicly rebuffed, there is nothing to prevent the EPA from implementing regulations by fiat that would have the same, punitive effects.

The current administration, a very vocal opponent of domestic fossil-fuel production, clumsily inserted itself into the gulf oil spill disaster when it declared a moratorium on all deep-water offshore drilling.  Using the media to explode the issue into an apocalyptic nightmare, it attempted to prey on the fears of Americans in order to exert its control over energy production and reignite the movement towards green energy sources.  Even though the public didn’t fall for it, the administration has moved through the door and is not turning back.

Although public opinion has steadily turned against globalization policies and other efforts by the government to exert its power over personal sovereignty, the efforts continue through actions that are cloaked in law and regulatory enforcement.  A government that is willing to exert its claim on the rainwater that accumulates in your backyard, as it has in the states of Washington and Utah, is a government that is relentless in its pursuit of the ultimate control over our resources.

S510 is another in a long line of open attempts by the government to expand its powers and take control of the economy and the public resources that drive it. Cap and trade failed, but the health care takeover, with unprecedented public opposition, prevailed.

The government has fortified its efforts with regulatory agencies, appointed czars, and a consortium of corporations, all unaccountable to public scrutiny and judicial review. S510 may very well go down in defeat, but it won’t be the end of the government’s insatiable appetite for control.  The public needs to wake up, and stay awake.

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