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Socialist Bernie Sanders Rides Private Jets Like A Pompous Rock Star

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sanders rides private jets

Sanders’ private jet rides are hardly unique. The Democratic presidential field is full of socialists who ride in private jets and want to raise taxes at the same time. (Photo Credit: AP Photo/Mark Humphrey, File)

Despite his public views on climate change, self-proclaimed socialist and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders rides private jets. In fact, Sanders’ private jet rides have cost $342,000 over the last two years alone.

Moreover, the only way Hillary Clinton could get Sanders to campaign for her in 2016 was to give Bernie rides on private jets. However, a spokesperson for the U.S. Senator from Vermont claims the private jets were necessary to get Sanders to campaign appearances.

In addition, Sanders’ private jet rides upset former Clinton staffers, Politico claims. Notably, the Clinton staffers tried to get Sanders to fly commercial, but the Senator insisted on private jets.

“His Royal Majesty King Bernie Sanders would only deign to leave his plush D.C. office or his brand new second home on the lake if he was flown around on a cushy private jet like a billionaire master of the universe,” Clinton campaign official Zac Petkanas alleges.


Socialist Sanders Rides Private Jets At Others’ Expense

Additionally, Bernie’s private jet rides cost the Clinton campaign $100,000 apiece, Politico asserts.

To elaborate, the only way Clinton could get people to attend her campaign events was to have Sanders speak. Conversely, Sanders’ staff members claim that Bernie could not reach the campaign appearances on commercial flights.

Meanwhile, Sanders is still flying on private jets at others’ expense. For instance, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) spent $157,000 hauling Sanders on an April 2017 “Unity Tour,” Politico charges.

Notwithstanding, Sanders’ political action committee paid the DNC back part of the money. Specifically, Sanders’ committee is paying the DNC $100,000 back out of the original $157,000.


Sanders Rides Private Jets For 2020 Campaign

Furthermore, Bernie’s private jet rides will continue during his 2020 presidential campaign.

Sanders “will be flying commercial whenever possible” in 2020,” spokeswoman Ariana Jones states. Nonetheless, Jones also admits that Sanders will fly on private jets in 2020. Particularly, Jones uses the euphemism “charter flights” to describe Bernie’s private jet rides.

Oddly enough, 77-year-old Bernie Sanders is the junior U.S. Senator from Vermont who calls himself an “independent” and a “democratic socialist.” Nevertheless, Sanders is still running for the Democratic presidential nomination.

In particular, Sanders will launch his 2020 presidential campaign this weekend in Burlington, Vermont. He is a staunch critic of income inequality and what he calls the “Billionaire Class.”


Sanders Rides Private Jets To His $575,000 Lakeside Home

When he is not fighting for the common man, Sanders lives in luxury. As an illustration, Sanders and his wife spent $575,000 for a second lakeside home in North Hero, Vermont in 2018.

All in all, Sanders owns three homes and yet he plans a $2.2 trillion tax increase. Furthermore, Sanders is proposing a 77% tax on billionaires’ estates. Sanders maintains that Uncle Sam will ultimately collect $2.2 trillion through the tax, which will allegedly affect only 500 people.

Sanders also proposes a 45% tax on estates worth over $3.5 million and a 50% tax on estates worth anywhere from $10 million to $50 million, The HuffPost reports. In addition, Sanders wants a 55% tax on estates worth over $55 million.

Even so, many people support Bernie despite his tax plans and private jet flights. In fact, Politico claims that Sanders brought in $5.9 million in donations on the first day of his campaign.


Sanders Plans To Spend, Spend, Spend

Sanders has numerous plans for spending all the extra taxes he plans to collect.

The Sanders agenda includes Medicare for All (free healthcare), free college for all Americans, and a $15 minimum wage, Vice reports. Moreover, Sanders is a strong supporter of the $93 trillion Green New Deal which will spend tax money to replace all fossil fuels with “green energy.”

Sanders, though, will have a tough fight in 2020 because other Democrats are copying his agenda. For example, U.S. Senator Kamala Harris (D-California), whom oddsmakers consider the Democratic frontrunner, supports Medicare for All and a basic income for most Americans.

Additionally, U.S. Senators Kirsten Gillibrand (D-New York) and Cory Booker (D-New Jersey) support a jobs guarantee. Under a jobs guarantee, the government will give every American a high-paying government job.

In short, Sanders’ private jet rides are hardly unique. The Democratic presidential field is full of socialists who ride in private jets and want to raise taxes at the same time.

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