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The Time is Now to Sow Your Seeds

“There’s something happening here, and what it is, ain’t exactly clear…” Those subtle words of warning from the old Buffalo Springfield song are ringing again in the mind of anyone with the least bit of concern over the government’s steady encroachment of the country’s food supply and production.  For years the government has been empowering its agencies and corporate partners to usurp control of food production, culminating in its attempt to codify its authority through the introduction of Senate Bill S501.

Cloaked inside the maze of new regulations and provisions ostensibly targeting food products, is its targeting of seed harvesting and storage. Seeds, as they are now defined by the FDA, are considered food product, and therefore, will fall under the authority of the bill’s regulations.

Working with agriculture conglomerates such as Monsanto, the government has already made significant inroads to creating a seed monopoly that has all but squeezed the small farmers out of seed harvesting and storage.  S510 will put the finishing touches on the campaign to control all seed production.

It’s even more disconcerting to witness these developments in light of the government’s current attempts to cast its shadow over the seed industry. We know, for instance, that the government has engaged a systematic process of storing huge quantities of seeds. We also know that Monsanto is continuing to apply government-sanctioned genetic modifications to its seed production that, essentially, neuters the seeds’ capacity to germinate and reproduce themselves.

So, where does this leave the rest of us who seek to increase our own self-sufficiency and protect ourselves against a government-induced  inflation of food prices?  Certainly, if the world’s governments see the wisdom of creating their own food banks, then it behooves us, as individuals, to do the same.

The critical issue is whether it is even possible to get our hands on enough quantities of open-pollinated seeds since Monsanto has effectively eliminated these from the commercial market place.  The second critical issue is having the capability of properly storing the seeds for extended use.

Food survivalists and self-sufficient families need to learn some quick lessons in seed harvesting and storage that will reduce any reliance upon the commercial seed market.  The quickest route to getting the upper hand in seed production and storage is by buying quantities of prepackaged, open-pollinated seed strains that can produce future generations of seed harvests.  These seeds have been grown and harvested in remote, undetected farms, so their supplies may be limited. The value of these seeds is their ability to reproduce themselves, so a huge supply is not necessary.

Using effective seed-pollination, harvesting and storage methods, it is possible to begin your own seed savings bank that can produce nutrient-dense plant foods in perpetuity.

Pollination is the method by which most crops generate seeds, and self-pollination, as opposed to air-borne or insect, is the most direct and efficient method.  The key is to maintain sufficient separation of crop varieties to keep them pure from cross-pollination.

Fruits have always provided their own seeds; however, in order to capture them for storage, it is important to harvest them with deliberate methods for extracting and drying them. Timing is the key, as the seeds should only be removed after the fruit has ripened. The seeds from rotten fruits are of no value.

Many root crops produce their own seeds; however, in order to recover them, it is often necessary to dig up the roots at the end of their season to get to the seeds.  If properly stored, the roots can be put back into the ground the next growing season.

Creating a seed bank that will continue to produce, year in and year out, requires proper drying and storage techniques to ensure they remain productive.  Dried seeds should be gently rubbed to remove any corrosive material.  Seeds that are being stored for replanting the following year can be stored in an envelope, if it is kept in a dry and cool place where it won’t tempt the critters.

While it may not be absolutely clear as to what is happening here, anyone who harbors the desire to grow his own crops for self-sufficiency or survival shouldn’t wait until the perfect storm of government control and corporate monopoly removes all of our capabilities to grow our own food.

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  1. While I agree with some of the information in this article, I feel it was written to scare people into buying the expensive seed bank advertized at the end. I have been purchasing open pollinated seeds and growing my own garden for over 25 years and I can assure everyone, there is no shortage of open pollinated seeds. In fact there are more available now that there were 10 years ago as the interest in them has grown. Type heirloom seeds into any search engine and you’ll get pages of choices. The biggest selection of all is at Seed Savers Exchange where you can buy as a non-member from their catalog or become a member and get their yearly book with over 500 pages of open pollinated varieties of vegetables and fruit. The article also makes it sound like farmers who produce open pollinated seeds are hiding from the government so they’re not caught. This isn’t true either. Neither is it hard to store seeds. Just put them in the freezer. They’ll keep in good shape for 10+ years. Yes, Monsanto is a huge problem and the time may come when we have to fend for ourselves, and I whole heartedly agree that we should all prepare just in case, but creating fear just for the sake of selling a product is beneath Off The Grid in my opinion.

    • Come on, if you have not figured out by that OTG is really only about making a massive amount of money, then you are really naive. Sure they have some good information, although it is hyped quite a bit.
      We are actually at the end of the world as we know it, the times of Revelations is upon us, and unfortunately nothing we can do will prepare us for what is to come other than submit to the One true God of Creation.
      So if you want to pay really a lot of money for a few seeds so be it, hopefully they are really good seeds, but if all comes down as they portray and they are probably right, it will not do you much good anyway. Your stash of food will be stolen or confiscated and it will take a year to grow more, you will starve by then, unless you buy thousands of dollars of their freeze dried food buckets, but then you will be killed as others steal them. There isn’t anyone surviving what is coming, the Bible says that if the time were not shortened that NO flesh would be saved. In other words ALL man would die. So it will be bad. Anyway don’t let this drive you to fear, there will be enough of that in the coming months.

      • The comment from grammjr shows a lack of understanding about what we can do, and must do. Sure there are things in Revelation that the government wants to do. But no where does it say we are to submit to what it wants to do; just the opposite. It says we should not submit, but to overcome! I have studied, and written extensively on this topic. And to lay down and not stand up for ourselves and our faith is wrong. The only thing we are told not to do, is to receive the mark of the beast! And very little is said in the negative for refusing it. Only SOME are persecuted and beheaded, not all. It is MORE negative to believe there is nothing we can do to overcome him. “To he who overcomes” is written to every believer. We MUST stand, and having done all, stand for freedom and independence from the plans of the enemies of our Lord, and against being controlled by government!. That is the way to be protected. There are blessings in overcoming. I will plant. I will sow, and I will reap a harvest of blessings and abundant provisions!

  2. I’ve been a bit disappointed in this approach from OTG lately as well. I’m an MD, and have seen some utterly ridiculous products peddled through the user base email as of late. I really enjoy reading OTG News, and I hope they refrain from fear mongering. We need to be prepared, but let’s keep it on the level.

    • Personally I don’t see it as fear mongering. There is a lot of useful advise given in these articles. As for the products sold, there are many people who don’t mind investing their money for the protection of their families. Will things get as bad as OTG sometimes talks about? Maybe not. Maybe we’ll never witness TEOTWAWKI. Does that make the investments foolish? I don’t think so. It’s called security. Fear mongering? Personally I would much rather be forewarned of what “could” happen, then have something happen, and no one tried to warn me. I applaud OTG in letting us know what products are out there. I feel the the people who read this website are intellegent enough to know what they want, what they feel they don’t need, and what they can afford.

      • I’m with you fellas, re your critical concerns. I know that it costs to offer this service…and many of us are willing to pay the fair market retail for good info and products. I’ve ordered, and feel better having done so. But I truly hope that the management – in the spirit of the Truth which it purports to serve – will monitor the products offered on it’s site, and keep the offerings first rate. As I suspect that some who order, dig into the last of their hard-earned savings, to protect and serve family and friends.

        God speed, and thanks for the site.


  3. Several members have received responses from their Senators extolling provisions in S. 510, the Food Safety Modernization Act, that allegedly help or exempt local food producers. It’s very important that we continue to educate these Senators about the real impacts of the bill. Check out the questions and answers below for more information.

    QUESTION: Does S. 510 “help” small farmers and local food producers?

    NO! The bill does include provisions to try to reduce the burdens that will be imposed on small producers, such as providing for longer deadlines for compliance and directing FDA to consider various issues facing organic farms and small businesses. But none of these actually prevent FDA from imposing new, burdensome requirements. The provisions essentially tell FDA to be nice to local food producers, but do not create enforceable limits on the agency’s power.

    The only enforceable limit is that FDA’s new regulations cannot contradict the regulations for certified organic producers. But many local food producers are not certified organic. And even certified organic can still be subject to additional regulations by FDA imposing impractical or unfair burdens, so long as the regulations don’t directly contradict the organic regulations.

    While the industrial food system is in need of reform, the well-publicized problems with food safety have not come from the sustainable, local food system. No one has demonstrated any need to have local producers regulated by FDA more than they already are! The Tester-Hagan amendments are a reasonable method for protecting local food producers from unnecessary and unfair regulations.

    QUESTION: Are direct marketing farms exempt from the bill?

    NO! Under the bill as written, all farmers raising produce are subject to the produce safety standards (section 105 of the bill) regardless of how they market their fruits and vegetables. The Tester-Hagan amendments are needed to protect direct marketing produce farmers from being told how to grow and harvest their crops by FDA bureaucrats.

    QUESTION: Are direct marketing food processors exempt from the bill?

    NOT CLEAR! Based on FDA’s guidance documents, food processors who market directly to consumers might be exempt from the requirements for HACCP-type programs. But the language is far from clear, and subject to change any time FDA chooses.

    The bill’s provisions for traceability and HACCP-type requirements are dependent on the definition of “facility” under the 2002 Bioterrorism Act. That Act exempted “farms” and “retail food establishments” from being categorized as facilities, but it did not define the terms. So the scope of these exemptions is defined by FDA’s regulations and guidance documents, which can be changed by the agency without Congressional approval.

    In addition, the current definitions do not appear to address the majority of our local food producers. Under FDA’s guidance document, a “retail food establishment” is an establishment that sells food products directly to consumers as its primary function. However, the FDA’s definition of “consumer” excludes end users such as restaurants, local grocers, and schools. So many food producers who provide healthy, safe foods to these institutions would be subject to HACCP-type regulations under the bill and current definitions.

    Moreover, the specific examples of “retail food establishments” are establishments such as grocery stores, convenience stores, and vending machine locations. Not only are farmers markets, farm stands, and CSA’s not listed, but they may not qualify because they typically sell food at a different physical location than where the food is held, packed, or processed. Consider the typical example of a small-scale processor who buys local ingredients and makes jams, breads, cheeses, etc. to sell at the farmers market. It may be that the farmers market itself qualifies as a “retail food establishment” — but the commercial kitchen where the goods were prepared would not qualify, because the main purpose of that location is to process food, not sell to consumers. Different physical locations may mean different requirements under the FDA’s definitions.

    “Farms” are also exempt from registration requirements. But the definition of “farm” specifically excludes any place that manufactures or processes food, unless that food is consumed on location. Take a typical farm that processes some of its own fruit into jams. Farmer Joe argues that he is exempt from registration as a “farm.” FDA points to the fact that, if he’s selling any of that jam, he’s a facility because of the limitation on the definition of farm. While Farmer Joe might fit under the literal terms of the “retail food establishment” definition, FDA has a very strong argument that Congress wouldn’t have acquiesced in the narrow definition of farm if it intended these locations to be exempt.

    The bottom line is that some direct marketing food processors would be exempt from the requirements as “retail food establishments,” but the FDA’s definitions do not appear to cover many of our local food producers, and FDA can change the definitions at any time. Local food processors are already regulated by the local and state authorities, and FDA regulation is not needed. The Tester-Hagan amendments are a reasonable way to protect small-scale businesses from overly burdensome and unnecessary regulations.

    QUESTION: What is BPA?

    Bisphenol A (BPA) is a chemical found in the linings of cans and in polycarbonate plastic, including some sports bottles, food-storage containers and baby bottles. It has potential links to a wide range of health effects, including an increased risk of diseases or disorders of the brain, reproductive and immune systems. A recent CDC study showed that more than 90 percent of Americans have BPA in their urine, suggesting that exposure to BPA is likely prevalent and ongoing. In January, the FDA changed its position on the safety of BPA, voicing “some concern” about its effects on children and infants, but stopped short of calling for a ban. Previously the agency had said trace amounts of the chemical that leach out of food containers are not dangerous, only later admitting that it relied on a small number of industry-sponsored studies.

  4. Well! It may be true that S.510 does not specifically list small truck farms, farmers’ markets, roadside produce sales, homesteaders or backyard gardens. But government frequently will pass a seemingly innocous “feel good” bill to put the proverbial camel’s nose into the tent. Then later, when the bill is long enacted and public attention has moved elsewhere, the prostitutes in Congress will amend the law to be more intrusive and expansive to push the camel ever farther into our tent. I don’t trust a thing coming out of the District of Criminals. Reference: I write for Live free or die!

  5. I agree the congress and senate had been infected with criminal, NWO, corporate, fascists pigs working for the council of foreign relations and the bank of international settlements ( or otherwise known as the NAZI,Rothschild World bank). These new world order treasonous banksters (Rockefeller’s, Bush family and many others) have infected our system of government with all these globalist green religions, carbon taxes, patriot act, and a soon to be national sales tax or VAT tax and in time a total engineered collapse of the U.S currency to bring us to our knees forcing us to beg for a solution to the problem they created. 90% of the public have absolutely no idea that this country has a cancer and is being systematically eroded from the inside out in a slow, shrew, methodical way that soon will be complete, yes the death of once great nation, the last beacon of freedom and hope. All we needed to do to stop it was to abolish the Federal Reserve Bank the house of cards would fall they would lose their monopoly on the issuance of our currency thereby losing the steel grip around the policy makers in Washington. There is an executive order on the books executive order 1110 implemented by JFK that is a source for hope. Remember the silver certificates they were the last attempt at taking the ultimate power back, ask yourself what may have been the real reason for JFK’s demise? his stance on Vietnam?Cuba?Marlyn Monroe? or was his demise directly related to the fact that he had the gonads to stand up to the big bad federal reserve and take the power to issue and print money away from these criminal banks that commit legalized counterfeiting and are challenged currently by none except for one congressman from Texas. Seems a hopeless cause but I say to you all the more individuals that become aware, awake and informed the better the chances are that we will vote out all these disgusting, spineless, leaches that would sell there daughters into the sex slave trade for a gold toilet seat and a promise of great riches and rewards after there service to the beast. Do we honestly think they get on the ticket because of their moral integrity or is it the skeletons in there closets allowing them to be coerced and manipulated by the promises of wealth after their service to the sociopathic criminal bankers and the old money they have accrued through the enslavement of the masses and financing both side of the past wars since the U.S. Civil War. We need to have all candidates sign an affidavit pledging to abolish the federal reserve and its power to lend money to the government thereby forcing us to pay the interest through higher taxes on that money or credit that is then printed into existence, congress is encouraged and even told to over spend, that is their job so the interest paid with be perpetual. They (the shadow rulers) have since 1913 (federal reserve act) collected interest from the government (you and I) on the money they have been given the power to create. They have also been the instigators, architects and ultimately clandestinely cause of wars and the great depression, there is no better way to collect debt than to finance a war, they’re kinda expensive,also the soon to be great depression # 2 will be a source of many new bargains for them and also it will knock out the only obstacle in their way the constitution,bill of rights and declaration of independence. Submit to the new world governance or suffer a disturbing fate. It will happen swiftly one day things will appear normal the next day it will all change, they are following an age old play book they are very patient and shrewd. This country has been turned into a tool and when the tool gets dull it will be discarded in favor of a shinny new one perhaps China or both the old and the new merged together to serve the fascist , communist, capitalistic NWO.

  6. It is a very real possibility that all that you THINK might happen can, but just having a #10 can full of seeds will NOT insure your survival. If you already know how to work a garden, if your soil is not built up to produce, your garden will fail. Get one going in the spring. Save your leaves and lawn clippings into a compost pile. Learn how to manage that too! There is way more to learn than just buying a seed and thinking you can stick it in the ground and you will come out ahead! It takes time and effort the year before to even get started.

  7. Yes, there’s an alarmist tone to the article, but after hearing Sen Richard Burr of NC – a cosponsor of the bill – it seems that no article has been alarmist enough! Speaking to a Chamber group of small business owners (including the operator of the largest local farmers’ market), Burr assured all of us that the form of the bill that’s online isn’t “really” what the bill is or what it means, and certainly none of the gazillion cosponsors mean for farmers’ markets to become illegal or for the feds to swoop in to confiscate Granny’s tomatoes before charging her with a felony. Right…

    Burr’s assertion that the form of the bill online isn’t “really” what it means is right up there w/ Pelosi’s idiotic statement that congress would have to pass the healthcare tyranny bill before we could know what’s in it. He’s “R,” she’s “D,” and there’s not much difference between them. It’s truly a sad day for this great country of America.

  8. It is not “fearmongering” to be exhorted people to be prepared. Already, organic, non-genetically altered plants are hard to find. I will not be controlled or paralyzed by fear. I will act and eat my own God-given food from His seed. And I will eat at a table prepared before me in the presence of my enemies.

  9. The main idea in this article for me is to plant a ‘seed’ in the minds of people be able to feed yourself without total dependence on the the mainstream sources we have today. Total dependence on something that can be taken away or modified at the discretion of another is not good.

    Collecting open pollinated seeds can be part of the solution if that appeals to someone. If I were to contribute to the discussion, I would suggest researching permaculture and the concept of a backyard forest garden. In this way you will not have to worry about seed availability or fertilizer as time progresses. You will be able to feed yourself and someone else while bringing your soil back to life. No one waters, fertilizes or mulches a forest yet if you dig down just a little under the leaf litter the dirt will be moist and rich.

    This is simply another concept for those that might like this suggestion for acquiring food over another. The main thing is there are options and OTG is a place for discussion.

  10. I do think there is some general panic about this bill, and some of the concerns are probably well founded. We have all seen the constant sneakiness of our government, and their ability to slowly move legislation in under other bills. The one thing to keep in mind is the ability for those wanting control of things all around, and in this case Monsato wanting control of the seed market through legislation, we have to acknowledge that the time could come where they underhandedly convince the legislative branch to pass laws regarding seed production. We could see attempts at shutting down those farms that work towards preserving heritage plants through seed harvesting. I personally think we are also doing ourselves a disfavor by not growing with seeds that need pollination. We hear about the sudden decrease in bee’s….Is there such a problem? I can honestly say, where I grew up, near hundreds of berry fields in NW Oregon, bee’s were everywhere. Now those farms have changed hands and have become fields of nursery stock, which pollination is not needed for, and of course we see a lot less bee’s out there. I believe there will be as many bee’s as needed, and when we stop growing plants that need pollination, the population of bee’s will slow. So, buy heirloom seeds, and if you can, try to set up your own beehive to help in that process. Keep saving your seeds, and keep fedding your bee’s. If we all do this, we would be doing ourselves and our nation a favor. Look at this legislation as a warning of what might come in the future should Monsato convince the government to legislate full control of seed production (they might claim it is for the greater good, as with other laws they have passed). Might be that we are slowly killing ourselves with genetically modified foods, and getting back to foods grown from heirloom seeds can bring us back to a healthier life as well.


  12. Ha. Well, Paul…tell us what you REALLY think!

    Bottom line…the uncensored flow of ALL opinions and products, has been the basis for INDIVIDUAL CHOICE, regarding the life which we live…ever since Satan was allowed access to the Garden of Eden. It is up to EACH OF US, to rightly discern, and pick our poison. And educated choice, realized ONLY by knowing both the good and the evil of all scenarios, is, apparently the Will of God. So…onward we march.

    Re Beck…the man presents information. Most of it in the form of TANGIBLE presentations of written and spoken words and actions of individuals who are in – or seek – positions of power. Good enough…who cares that Beck is a flawed man. And so are those who run this site. But if INTENT counts for anything…and it MOST CERTAINLY DOES, or your Christianity aint worth the paper that it’s written on…then both Beck and those who run this site, are most likely acting in good faith. At least to the degree that they are able to discern. Just as is Paul, in expressing his fear; and as well, those of us who express concern, regarding some of the commercialization of the product offerings, which support the existence of this site.

    It’ll all come out in the wash…and hopefully, we’ll all be better people, for going through it. Just do your best; and pray for discernment.

    Peace out…RC

  13. It would appear to me that upon review of some of OTG’s commentators the only sane conclusion I can draw from all this is that religion and patriotism are still the last two refuges of a scoundrel.Glen Beck’s religion is his choice and if you disagree with him then quit listening to his program.If enough people feel as you do and tune him out then the power of the market will drive him off the air due to lack of an audience.Regarding Monsanto and the seed issue,if the situation is as dire as the commentators are claiming then the power grab by Monsanto should constitute a violation of the anti-trust and monopoly laws subject to criminal prosecution.Use the laws to defend our rights instead of crying and ranting ad nauseum.I believe it was Dr. Johnson in 18th century England who said that”all that was necessary for the triumph of evil was for good men to do nothing”There is a host of good men and women in this country who are deeply concerned for our future and the vast majority of these folks are fully aware of our current and future problems.Fearmongering with everything from the JFK assasination to one world government and the fascist,communist,lord knows what conspiricies will not impress these good people and will do nothing for the creditability of the lunatic fringe.If you truly want this great country to have a future then start holding your elected representatives accountable.Start with the local dog catcher and work your way up to the big dogs in congress and the White House.If they fail to respond than organize against them and vote them out.It requires a great deal more effort to work the political system than to rant and rave .Take care,Godspeed,and get to work.

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