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As Russia-Gate Evaporates Liberals To Say Trump A Chinese Agent?

trump a chinese agent

Is Trump a Chinese agent? What are his connections to Treadstone?

A prominent liberal author and New York Times columnist had attempted to brand President Donald J. Trump as a Chinese agent. Interestingly, Thomas L. Friedman was serious when he wrote a column entitled “Trump is a Chinese Agent” on March 29, 2017.

Since it was written last year, Friedman’s column was apparently not part of a vast liberal conspiracy. Nor was it an attempt at satire. Instead, Friedman honestly seems to believe that Trump is working for Beijing.

Is Trump a Chinese Agent?

Friedman’s theory is that Trump helped China by taking America out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) a trade agreement that many liberals opposed. Friedman believes that the 12 nation TPP benefited America because it excluded China.
Trump also helped China by taking the United States out of the Paris Agreement on climate change, Friedman claimed. He believes that Trump’s refusal to believe in global warming is part of a greater Chinese conspiracy.
Friedman also believes that Trump’s pro-fossil fuels agenda will make America dependent on China for green energy. And last but certainly not least… Friedman claims that Trump policies of proposing cuts to State Department budgets for the purposes of limiting immigration will help China, but he does not say how.

Liberals Will Attempt To Brand Trump A Chinese Agent

Million Dollar Question: What liberals will do when the “Trump-Putin Partnership” conspiracy fades to black? If you’re curious, take a good look at Friedman’s column. The claims about Trump might not be accurate, but the column itself is probably a prophetic picture of the next wave of liberal anti-Trump propaganda.

Expect to see new and improved efforts by desperate liberals to brand Trump a Chinese agent as the 2018 Congressional election and 2020 Presidential elections approach. Many of these liberals are likely to follow Friedman’s lead as the Mueller investigation begins to look and feel more like a roadside freak show.

What is most interesting is that Friedman admitted the Russia investigation was a “smoke-screen” last year. He believed there was nothing to Russia Gate back then.
Trump supporters had better get ready to be branded traitors and Chinese stooges as well.  Liberals will not stop demonizing just because Russia Gate evaporates. They’ll just change the narrative to link the President to another foreign power.
One has to wonder if the media and the American people will believe liberal efforts to brand Trump a Chinese agent. I’m pretty sure he has a “Jason Bourne” passport. Perhaps Trump was really behind Treadstone and Black-Briar. Who knows … only time.



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