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School Bans Cartwheels Because Kids Could Get Hurt

School Bans Cartwheels Because Kids Could Get Hurt

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Schools throughout North America are banning cartwheels and even balls as threats to children’s safety.

“The activity can cause concussions, and neck and wrist injuries,” Principal Todd Gribbon told The North Bay Nugget, referencing cartwheels.

New playground rules at M.T. Davidson Public School in Callander, Ontario, ban cartwheels, even though no injuries have occurred.

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The rules are in a new school handbook that is scheduled for approval this week.

M.T. Davidson is far from alone in going to great lengths to protect kids from ordinary activities.

Cartwheels have been banned at some schools in the United Kingdom and Australia. Earl Beatty Public School in Toronto banned all hard balls in 2011, the CBC reported. That ban included soccer balls, which are considered hard.

“Kids were coming in complaining of injury, or being scared,” Principal Alicia Fernandez said of the ban.

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