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Some Students Of Color Now Demanding Segregation On Campus

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students want segregation

Amazingly, some students want segregation in the name of diversity at American University.

Fifty-five years after the Civil Rights Movement, students want segregation on campus at The American University. Astonishingly, some American University students are even demanding segregated housing.

In particular, students want segregation in the form of “more identity-based spaces” on campus, The Eagle reports. Moreover, some students want American University to provide housing specifically for black students, Reason claims.

As a result, American University students want segregation in the form of special dorms for African Americans. Whether they realize it fully or not, these students seem bent on undoing desegregation at American University.

Students Want Segregation In The Name Of Diversity

Amazingly, some students want segregation in the name of diversity at American University.

“There were no spaces where students of color felt safe,” student affairs director Ayana Wilson says of HOME. HOME is the Hub for Organizing Multiculturalism and Equity, a special facility for students of color at the school.

However, HOME is apparently too multicultural for some students. Oddly enough, some students dislike HOME because of desegregation.

“HOME doesn’t provide people with a sense of security, with a sense of belonging, when everyone from all types of affinity groups can be there,” student activist Othniel Malcolm Andrew Harris tells The Eagle.

Nevertheless, HOME exists to provide students with a haven from racism. HOME’s mission is supposedly to build community among students of color. Even so, Harris is protesting HOME because all races are welcome at the facility.

Students Want Segregation At American University

It seems clear now that some African American students want segregation at American University.

In fact, a group of African American students is demanding a “black house.” To explain, a black house is a segregated living facility for African American students.

The students point to Georgetown University’s “The Black House” as a model. The Black House is a “dedicated place” on campus for students of color. Notably, the “students of color” in the pictures on The Black House’s website are all of African heritage.

Students Want Segregation Because Of Hate Crimes On Campus

Additionally, students want segregation at American University because of hate crimes on campus.

Specifically, the administration created the HOME organization in response to racist incidents at The American University’s Washington, D.C. campus in 2017. After the incidents, minority students told pollsters they didn’t feel welcome on campus.

Some students further object to HOME because it consists of just one room, University Center director Michael Elmore maintains. Also, some students of color think that HOME is pointless in its entirety.

“But it makes it feel like the point of it isn’t there anymore,” student Sam Liang says of HOME. Particularly, Liang is the finance co-director for the Asian American Student Union.

Students Want Segregation To Undo Civil Rights

Today’s student activists are unexpectedly trying to continue the “work” of 1960s racists like former Alabama Governor George Wallace.

For instance, Wallace famously tried to keep African Americans Vivian Malone and James A. Hood from attending class at the University of Alabama. Wallace literally stood in the door to keep the students from registering in 1963. Nonetheless, Wallace backed down when President John F. Kennedy threatened to mobilize the National Guard to protect the students.

In summary, some of today’s student activists seem to agree with Wallace’s call for “segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever.” Consequently, segregation is alive and well on America’s college campuses.

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