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This Is Why You Should Stockpile: Store Shelves Stripped For Jonas

This Is Why You Should Stockpile: Store Shelves Stripped For Jonas

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Shoppers in several East Coast cities were facing the nightmare of empty supermarket shelves as Winter Storm Jonas approached the region this weekend.

Empty shelves and ransacked stores were the norm in such major cities as Detroit, New York, Richmond and even Washington, D.C., according to media reports.

Staples such as bread, meat, milk and vegetables were hard to come by in the nation’s capital, leaving thousands of shoppers perplexed.

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Elsewhere, a CBS 6 reporter found empty shelves at an ABC store in Willow Lawn, Virginia.

On Long Island, New York, shoppers were stripping shelves as quickly as they could at a Garden City grocery, CBS New York reported. Some supermarkets even closed for the storm.

Store shelves from Boston to Knoxville were being cleared out of critical basics such as bread and milk in anticipation of Jonas.

Major supermarket chains, including Trader Joe’s, Kroger and even Walmart were unable to keep up with the frantic demand.

In fact, shortages of basic food items were reported at some stores as early as Wednesday, January 21, even though the storm didn’t hit until two days later.

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