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Save Salt To Survive

saltWhen you begin planning for a life off the grid or start thinking as a survivalist, you tend to focus on the bigger, more obvious items like bottled water or dried food.  However, our ancestors made it through centuries of uncertainty by also being resourceful enough to think about the finer details required for a good life.  One of these details was the importance of salt.

Salt stores, and particularly stores of natural sea or mineral salts, were once considered to be worth their weight in gold.  Roman soldiers were paid in salt, and wars were fought over precious salt sources throughout Europe, Asia, and Africa.  However, it wasn’t just a desire for better tasting meals that drove this revolution.  Along with culinary delights, our ancestors were looking out for their very lives.

You want to save salt as a part of your survival planning because salt can save you.  Salt pastes, poultices, and soaks have proven curative powers.  It fights infection and also promotes healing.  Beauty aids are even based on salt’s powers over the skin, allowing you to keep your vanity intact along with your well-being when survivalist days arrive.

Aside from saving your mirror ready face, there is the matter of saving your precious food stores.  Salt is a natural preservative, helping to stretch out fresh food harvests through lean times and uncertain plantings.  It also fights spoilage of food, ensuring that carefully hunted, planted, or stowed goods remain ready for use.

The vitamins and minerals in natural salt can also help provide you with extra nutrients and trace elements required by the body.  There more than 84 trace elements associated with salts, ensuring that your body will get the rare molecules it needs for smooth functioning once your local health food supplier disappears.

To build up a supply of salt, you simply need to shop smartly.  As a natural preservative agent itself, salt keeps indefinitely.  The larger concern going into storage is ensuring you are getting good quality salt.  Wherever possible, look for all natural clay salts, sea salts, or other organically gathered salts.  The time and effort you put into finding a quality salt source now can mean the difference between comfort and misery in the uncertain days ahead.

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