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Heads Up: Extreme Weather Ahead…

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Wild Swings In The Jet Stream Will Bring Dangerous Weather This Summer: Prepare Now!

We hear a lot of talk about global warming. A leftist media drum that’s always pounding. Most of you already know this is fabrication. Fake weather if you will. This, along with the fake news we get every day. But check this out:

Some weather warnings to watch:

First, expect more wild Jet Stream related weather patterns as we move through the Spring season. Please be prepared.

But perhaps more important:

I would like to warn you of some nasty weather coming in June. This June – July prediction comes from an astrophysicist that told me it was going to snow here tomorrow… three months ago. Crazy right? (by the way it’s actually supposed to snow here in N. Illinois tomorrow.)

So how did he make the prediction?

He uses solar wind and sunspot indicators combined with some rather sophisticated modeling software. And while these are NOT perfect “pin-point” weather predictions… they do… in the end… appear to be between 70% and 90% accurate.

Why should you be worried about June?

OK, here’s the scoop on June.

  1. Major tropical storm or hurricane hits the gulf coast Spacing before roughly middle of June
  2. Terrible heatwave – triggering more dangerous fires in the West
  3. Thunder-floods, hail and tornadoes in the Eastern section of the U.S.

Bottom line: Don’t wait. Prepare now. Get your supplies and equipment now from your favorite vendor. But please don’t wait. This is real. Food and water are important as you all know and should be dealt with first. (Nothing to sell here at this time)

But I would recommend our Solar Generator because the price is so low and there’s a lot of bonus stuff you won’t find anywhere else. Here’s a link:

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P.S. If you or a family member have served in the military, you might like my video on Memorial Day and remembering those who paid a price serving. It’s called: The Lost Secrets of Memorial Day. The link is here:

If you like it… share it. Maybe it will bless someone who has a broken spirit.


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