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“Healing Clay” Secret

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One of the most amazing things about medicinal and healing clay is that it seeks out and absorbs almost anything in sight. Researchers think this is because it has a positive charge while poisonous toxins have a negative charge. (Seems to make a lot of sense.)

You can also get trace minerals in a very “direct” way simply from a hot water and clay soak. And, many traditional healers use clay poultices and swear by their effectiveness in emergencies.

And for some reason when taken internally, clay seems to almost miraculously know where to go to fix things. Some people even go so far as to call it a “living” substance… one of the most beneficial on the planet.

For anyone interested in survival, self-reliance and off the grid living this is one of those “go to” substances that belongs in your “Blackhawk Down” medicine cabinet.

“Survival Clay” also promotes wound healing and has a kind of unusual anti-inflammatory property that could really come in handy. Its colloidal properties are legendary.

You can read the rest of the story here:

A couple times a year we run a big sale on OTGN, but it’s not very often. Here you go!

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Just a little alert: Because inventory of survival clay is limited, I’m not able to offer these discounted prices for long. If you don’t have some yet… now is the time.

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P.S. Even though Survival Clay can potentially save your life in a crisis, if you are sick or hurt, always go to a doctor if you can get there. Just makes good sense. Survival Clay is offered for emergency situations only: When you are “out there” with no safety net. Could be soon.


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