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Survive On Just A Tablespoon Of This A Day?

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In crunch time… there may be a time you need to have a truly “perfect food” to survive. I’m talking about a food that is so nutritionally dense that a couple tablespoons per day is all you need to live well, smart and strong for extended periods of time.

A lot of military guys know this… but few civilians.

The truth is that almost all “stored foods” will fail you in a real crisis… but not this one.

In fact, a few years back I tested this one mystery food: I went for 30 days on nothing but this amazing substance and a little apple juice to wash it down. Nothing else!

Even more remarkable… after using this particular superfood for a while… I found I only needed 4 hours of sleep and not one minute more. Additionally, my mind became ultra-sharp as a very cool by-product from using this stuff.

And guess what? You don’t need to be an expert in nutrition to use this. You don’t even need a blender really. Just mix it with apple juice and drink it down. That’s it.

This is my true go-to superfood for special “work all night” missions and long term survival. (It’s also great for sports and even slimming down if you need to.)

Use coupon code TABLESPOON to get half off for the next 48 hours. Be sure to stock up while you still can.

P.S. You’ll also love the remarkable and all natural “buzz” from using this substance. Get all the details at

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