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3 Ways To Protect Your Homestead (That Don’t Involve A Gun)

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Protecting the homestead is essential for rural dwellers, who have countless threats.

This includes people who would like to steal your belongings, people who want simply to sniff around, and people who may want to cause harm to your property. You also have the added risk of animals. A broad variety of animals would like to eat your chickens or other livestock. Failure to have proper security measures in place can end with loss of livestock, loss of property, and danger to your life.

If you have a homestead, the normal security measures should be taken. You should have guns and a well-stocked ammunition box. Your guns should be easily attainable, and it is also a good idea to have guns stored around your property in different locations.

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But guns and even alarm systems aren’t enough. There are other unique ways to protect your homestead to keep intruders out.

1. Fencing

Having a fence around the perimeter of your property ensures that people cannot just come and go as they please and that animals will not have an easy time crossing the fence. There are a broad variety of fence options, from chain-link to electric. If you want maximum protection, consider a chain-link fence with a strand of electrical fencing at the top and at the bottom of the fence. You will want to make sure that you check your fence periodically to ensure that it is secure and safe. Having this fence will discourage wildlife from crossing the fence and discourage people from coming across, too.

2. Lighting

Having ample amount of security lights at night can help maintain the safety of your homestead. You want lights near your barn and your house. If you have a walkway, you want to have lighting around this area, as well. Lighting can include motion sensors as well solar lights to help cut costs. Proper lighting will discourage animals and people, too.

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3. Animals

One of the greatest security features on your homestead should be animals. They will help to alert you when someone or something comes in your yard. Here are some of the more popular breeds that you could get to help protect your homestead.

  • Guard dogs/herding dogs. A good guard dog is priceless. There are many different breeds out there both geared toward home protection as well as livestock protection. Some of these are dual-purpose and can be used for hunting. Great breeds for the homestead include the Great Pyrenees, Maremma, Blue Heeler, Irish Wolfhound, Anatolian shepherds and Akbash.
  • Llamas. Llamas will help to protect your homestead — even though most people probably would not consider them a guardian animal. Once it’s in its property and considers itself established, it will learn to notice if anything is out of the ordinary. If they see anything out of the ordinary they will alert their owners. They make a high-pitched sound and will even chase animals and people.
  • Guineas. Guineas are very territorial and will tell you if something or someone is in your yard. They will gather together and make a high alert sound that you will be able to hear from inside your house. Together, they are a great home protector.
  • Chickens. Chickens are often not thought of as a good guard animal. However, chickens — especially a rooster — can let you know when something or someone is in the yard. If a predatory animal comes in the yard, the rooster will often make a noise to let you know that something’s there. They may also go after whatever they see.

Protecting your homestead is the number one priority to make sure that you, your family, and your livestock stay safe. By adding guardian animals as well as fencing and plenty of light, you will help ensure the protection of your homestead.

What are your favorite guard animals? Share your tips in the section below:

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