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How To Heat Your Off-Grid Home With Biogas

How To Heat Your Off-Grid Home With Biogas

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Living off the grid used to mean roughing it, but not anymore. Now you can live just as well as any grid home and accomplish all of your goals at the same time.

That definitely includes the winter, and one of the best off-grid methods for heating your home is called biogas.

Biogas is created when organic matter breaks down in an environment devoid of oxygen. The gas created has a very high concentration of methane with a little carbon dioxide and on occasion a small amount of hydrogen sulfide. These other gasses are easily filtered out to produce what is known as clean methane.

What follows here is not be a dissertation or complete instruction, but instead a general overview in case you’re not familiar with the process.

Generally, you’ll produce biogas from your waste materials such as waste foods, animal wastes like manure or chicken droppings, or even grass clippings. Some materials produce more gas than others, but most are highly useable.

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The waste materials are put into a large container that is free of oxygen. As the materials break down with time and heat, they produce the three gasses above with the primary gas being methane.

Cooking With Biogas

Once you filter this methane, you can use it as a clean-burning fuel source – such as to food on many types of methane-converted stoves and even outdoor barbeque grills. If you thought you’d have to give up your gas burners on your stove when you went off grid, guess again.

Radiant Hot Water Heating

You can incorporate biogas into the home before you build it, which is ideal. Or you can add it on once the house is already built.

Set up a water heater that heats all the water. They are called a water furnace by the radiant heating industry. This water furnace can heat your hot water for your showers and household needs by simply running it through an existing hot water tank after heating.

Then, have the water furnace heat the water that goes through your heat radiators all over your house that are along your walls. It would also circulate the water for your radiant floor heating, as well.

As an aside, if you happen to have farm equipment, you’ll find that you can run most of them from your biogas if you’re splitting that with a mix of diesel as well. Be absolutely sure that the mix you use is approved before beginning. There is no sense in ruining any of your equipment, that’s for sure. But, done correctly it has shown for many to work just fine.


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Have you ever heated your home with biogas? Do you have any advice? Share it in the section below:

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