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5 Off-Grid Reasons You Should Stockpile Hydrogen Peroxide

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hydrogen peroxide

hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide should be a staple in everyone’s home. In fact, if you are storing food and medical supplies, you should have several bottles of it. This handy liquid has a host of off-grid uses.

Here are 5 reasons why you should be storing hydrogen peroxide:

1. It has many medical uses.

Hydrogen peroxide can clean wounds and treat mouth sores and ear pain. If you suffer from nasal ailments, you can use a peroxide and water solution to clear out your nose and promote healthy nasal passages. If you have a toe fungal infection, a peroxide solution can help you to clear that up, too. It has also been used as a detox agent for people wishing to detox chemicals out of their body, as well as a treatment for constipation and other stomach ailments.

2. It can benefit plant health.

Perhaps you haven’t thought of using hydrogen peroxide to promote plant growth, but many garden plants can benefit from the aid of hydrogen peroxide. A simple mix with water, poured onto the plant, will help to promote plant and root growth. Gardeners say it also can help prevent plant diseases. If you want your seeds to have a better sprout rate, consider adding peroxide in with them.

3. It is a multi-purpose cleaner.

Hydrogen peroxide is an excellent cleaner and will kill 99.9 percent of germs and bacteria. Since it does not contain harmful chemicals like other cleaners, this makes it perfectly safe to use around your children and your pets. Peroxide will clean virtually everything in your home, from glass to carpets to toilets. Mold and mildew are sometimes resistant to cleaners, but peroxide can conquer them. Simply spray peroxide on the area and wait a few minutes. Another great use for peroxide is to whiten clothes. This can take the place of bleach, and you will not have to worry about harmful fumes — nor will you have to worry about ruining your clothes.

4. It can clean chemicals off foods.

Cleaning foods with hydrogen peroxide is especially important if you know they were covered with chemicals. Simply add a couple of cups of peroxide to the water and wash your fruits and vegetables. Using peroxide will also discourage bugs from getting onto your food. For example, if you want to keep your fruits or vegetables out on the counter, but you have a problem with fruit flies, try spraying them down with a peroxide solution to help ward away those pesky flies.

5. It has amazing skin care uses.

Hydrogen peroxide has been used for years to beautify the skin. It has the ability to clean pores and promote healthier-looking skin. It has also been known to reduce the looks of age spots and fine wrinkles. Additionally, peroxide can be used as a homemade hair dye and a tooth whitener.

Hydrogen peroxide is a great asset for any home. You will be surprised with all you can do with this simple and cheap liquid.

What are other uses for hydrogen peroxide? Share your tips in the section below:

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