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America: At the Crossroads of Our Freedom

Our country is at the crossroads of freedom and slavery. In times such as these, we need only to look at world history. The great civilizations of Persia and Greece come to mind. Others might consider the history of the Roman Empire, Napoleonic France, Great Britain or Spain. Consider the dynasties of the Chinese and Japanese Emperors or Egyptian Pharos. All of these republics, empires and dynasties have fallen upon the dust heap of history. Do these once great societies have any meaning in our present day? Oh yes, they do!

The study of these civilizations was the basis and foundation for our Constitutional Republic. Jefferson, Madison, Hamilton, Adams, Jay, Paine and all of our founding fathers, studied how these civilizations emerged, evolved and eventually failed. Our Founding Fathers response to these rises and collapses of civilizations was the Great American Experiment; The Constitution of the United States of America.

Our Constitution is based on the beginnings, evolvement and failure of past civilizations in world history. It was conceived through the study of great wisdom from all the grand thinkers in world history. (Thinkers and philosophers important to some future civilization; historians who were intelligent enough to write it down or carve it in stone) The United States Constitution is a document conceived and written to preserve individual liberty and to organize a union of separate states, into a Federal Union; The United States of America. Is our Union doomed to fail as past history repeats itself?

Why do we now, fail our Constitution? Why do we tread upon it? Why don’t we teach more of it in public and private schools? Why do politicians and judges say it’s outdated; along with the Bible? The reality is we are at the crossroads of the “freedom of the individual vs. slavery of the populace“. This great document is the only thing standing between freedom and tyranny. We must cherish it always; or lose it forever.

Our Congress; the Senate and the House of Representatives, is now failing us by passing legislation that they do not read before they vote on it. That is not why they were elected, nor is it the Oath of Office they swore. They’re just going along with what Obama says must be done. Do the math.

Ancient Rome is a prime example. Senators of the Roman Republic sat in the Coliseum, along with the Roman Emperors. They watched as slaves fought gladiators and they cheered for blood. They watched as Christians were eaten by lions, while their minions screamed for more blood. Those Senators permitted the decline of the Roman Republic by their accession and decadence.  Eventually, their appeasements to the Caesars contributed to the decline of both; the Republic and the Empire. All was lost as hoards of barbarians over-ran the militarily over-extended and over-taxed Roman Empire.

That barbarism was unmatched until the 20th century, when Marxist/Socialist/Communism overtook Russia and Eastern Europe, culminating in the deaths of 50 million human beings.  All of them murdered and starved by a mentally ill, psychotic-paranoid, Joseph Stalin; along with his secret police.

Adolph Hitler murdered 6 million Jews. Joseph Stalin murdered 50 million of his own people. What could be worse than a Nazi dictator? A Communist dictator! Socialism = Communism, with no army. Communism = Socialism, with an army.  Obama is Commander-in Chief of what? The Armed Forces of the United States. The most powerful Armed Forces in world history. How’s that math thing working out?

The German people were compliant with Hitler; the Soviets with Stalin. They followed their “great speaker” and ‘great leader” to their graves. Roman Senators were compliant with the Caesars. Rome fell, as all great civilizations did in time. None of them had a living constitution, but we do. It’s time for our Congress to stop complying with and appeasing Obama and start abiding by the U.S. Constitution and the majority of the people in these United States of America.

The failure to follow our Founding Fathers’ map, our Constitution, will lead America down the wrong road. Obama‘s “fundamental change in America”, we do not need and these crossroads we can do without. What we do need are “fundamentals based on our Constitution”. It appears the only way to achieve that is to clean out the House and Senate. Think about what’s happened since Obama swore, “to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States”.  Please, get off your rear ends and get out to vote on November 2, 2010. Just remember in November.

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