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Belief in God vs Those Playing God

Day in and day out, the godless left uses every deception and wile at their disposal to demean, devalue and diminish the strengths of those who uphold Christian traditions and values. Is it any surprise, then, that the most basic act of providing for oneself and one’s family, putting food on the dinner table, is now representative of the life and death battle for the hearts and souls of Americans? Make no mistake; this is not about a war on poverty, famine or starvation. This is a war on those who show the last vestiges of independence and putting their faith in God and their own talents and labor as opposed to some government “rescue” program.

Many of us have been forced to make major alterations to our household budgets by factors beyond our control. The values of homes, savings and investments have taken a sound beating; prices for fuel and energy have gone through the roof; wages are depressed and many who wish to work are underemployed or cannot find a job even at significantly reduced wages. People who once regularly donated to charitable causes or did volunteer work now feel humiliated because they must ask for assistance to meet their basic needs.

And many of them are rightfully angry as they find themselves standing in line with the young and able-bodied who are far more comfortable taking charity, or being the recipients of legalized theft in the form of welfare, than taking jobs which they view as somehow beneath them. Are these people all moral degenerates who set out to waste their lives and rely on others to provide for all of their needs?

No, they aren’t; many have never given this a moment’s thought. A mentality of entitlement-to a place to live, food, clothes, education, medical care, cell phones – you name it, is what they have been taught for their entire lives. It would never occur to them to be embarrassed that they cannot care for themselves or their children. They have been told that society owes them a living, and that what they receive without working for any of it is never enough, never all they “deserve.”

But, in a land of opportunity, it is not that difficult to look around and realize that those who live better also live differently – they work for what they have. And this model, available for viewing any day of the week, does not suit the purposes of those who wish to control others in order to increase their own wealth and power. Free, self-reliant people do not need a government agency to tell them how they will live or what they can have. They prefer to work as hard as necessary in order to retain control of their own decisions and lives. And they will not willingly give up their freedom in exchange for a few favors, particularly if their moral code tells them that this is an abomination and an affront to God, to the country they love and to their personal dignity. These refuseniks represent a direct threat to government takeover plans for all facets of life.

Independent farmers who once provided for their families, neighbors, the rest of the country and hungry people all over the world have been replaced by corporate farms, cheap foreign imports and government giveaway programs, yet more and more people now require government aid to buy food and many do not do so by choice.

The need for food aid was not chosen nor forced on citizens by some natural disaster, but was carefully planned and engineered by the greed of a relative few whose insatiable hunger for more control is still not satisfied. If you doubt this, find some other explanation for these USDA statistics recently quoted by Fox News: Between 2006 and 2008, food pantries saw a rise in usage of 81% by seniors living alone and other households by over 25%. This is in addition to the more than 1 in 8 Americans and 1 in 4 children who already receive food stamps and other aid. Free and independent people are a serious threat to government control, and recognize and resist coercion and bribery as the oldest tricks of enslavement in the book.

Of course, the cheap foreign imports will not remain cheap as the price of shipping them keeps rising and the value of the dollar keeps falling. As local growers literally lose the farm, food must come from even farther away and fewer and fewer people are now being taxed even more to pay the bills of others. Like the artificially inflated “affordable housing,” free medical care and corrupt banking/political payoff schemes, the bottom can drop out suddenly and almost without warning. But at some point, coming sooner than later, who will be left to maintain the subsidies as the hard-working are deprived of more of their own earned income they need just to survive on?

Independence has finally become the rarest and most precious commodity of all. Just as freedom has never been free and the price is eternal vigilance, faith is something you don’t know you have for certain until you have been tested. Be willing to work harder than you ever have, perhaps for longer than you ever planned to. You have skills and talents you have never used; find them and improve them. Do not be coerced into thinking that taxation and charity are synonymous; they are not even distantly related. Do not be discouraged from voting your conscience in every election; show up and be counted. Put on your own oxygen mask first so you will have the breath and strength to help guide others to freedom from disaster; they will need your leadership more than ever. Join forces with those who share your values for united we still stand and in God we still trust.

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