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How to Pick a Portable Generator for Solar Installation

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Every year, more people are turning to solar for their power which means the residential solar installation business is only going to grow. In 2020 the U.S. installed 19.2 gigawatts (GWdc) of solar PV capacity, which is enough to power 17.7 million American homes. It also accounted for 43% of all new electricity generated power for the second year in a row. The U.S. solar industry is set to boom big time as it plans to install more capacity over the next 10 years. At this rate, it will quadruple the current amount of solar capacity that exists right now in the U.S.

There are a few different types of portable generators you can use for your solar installation or ones you can offer your customers. There are a few types like an inverter, petrol, diesel or even solar, so there’s lots to consider. Brush up on some tips if you’re considering buying a solar-powered generator. Look over these different options for quality portable generators and decide which one is going to best for your needs.

Inverter Generator

The benefits of portable inverter generators is that they are light, small, quiet and powerful at the same time. They can be used for RVs, camping or outdoor recreational activities. They are a great solution for providing emergency back up or standby power at home when you need. They are also great for trade use, so you can power up tools while on the move or on a remote worksite.

Gas or Petrol Generator
These types of generators come enclosed, compact and reliable as solutions for home backup and standby needs. They offer peace of mind to customers that they will have back up to their home in times of need. They can power the most essential appliances in an electrical emergency or in the event of a power outage. They’re designed to be reliable sources of standby power for the most essential items in a home like the fridge and freezer. They will also have enough charge to provide temporary power to lights and smaller appliances.

Diesel Generator
Diesel generators generally suffer less wear and tear than other generators like the petrol-run models, so it makes them very long-lasting. They are found mostly in environments like industrial, commercial, mining and agriculture. Companies that need a consistent power supply without disruption, like construction sites will use them to power tools when they cannot reach power grids. While it is the more expensive fuel when compared to gas or petrol generators they are more reliable and durable.

3 Phase Generators

These generators are epic power solutions for large professional, commercial, and industrial applications. These are truly made for powering large scale operations that need consistent and reliable power like hospitals, construction sites, mine sites and commercial offices. The 3 Phase generators have large fuel tanks that run at high output times. Most models are also quiet and enclosed in full sound proof casings that allow them to operate in a stealth manner while producing consistent power, so it’s perfect for urban or populated areas.

Whether you’re looking to buy for your home, workplace, large job site or even to sell to your residential customers there are many designs and price points to meet the requirements of your project.

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