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Meet the “New Survivalists”

No longer are so-called survivalists concerned only with self-preservation; ‘New Survivalists’ are living normal lives while simultaneously working to prepare their family and friends from threats that are all-too real. Survival of the fittest is no longer an evolutionary theory but rather the rule of the day, and we Americans are seeking new ways to ensure that we are fit enough to survive the threats we face in these uncertain times.

gerald celente

Gerald Celente of The Trends Research Institute has predicted survivalism will go mainstream this year.

Gerald Celente (of The Trends Research Institute), has predicted survivalism will go mainstream this year. The fear of unemployment, lost retirements and pensions, record foreclosure rates, financial institutions falling (and then being nationalized), infrastructure deterioration, continued government takeover of industry, soaring energy costs, widening wars, massive government spending… many of us who once believed in the system, having witnessed its continued breakdown, have lost faith in it.

A new breed of survivalist has emerged from these new challenges. We are motivated by the desire to live a comfortable, fulfilling life post-crisis rather than the survivalist mentality of old which was focused merely on surviving a one-time event, such as a nuclear disaster.

We are unwilling to go underground or live on the streets, so we are working to devise practical strategies to beat the system, get off the grid and stay under the radar. More of us are going off the grid or partially off grid long before it is a requirement for daily life. Unlike many folks who go off-grid, we’re not motivated by the Green Religion, but by a desire to be energy independent. Most of the ‘off-grid’ crowd doesn’t get this motivation.

During this preparation stage it’s important to be discreet so you’re not attracting undue attention. The more people who know you are prepared the greater danger you will be in after the crisis occurs, like the people who mocked Noah and then rushed the ark after the doors were closed and the rain had begun.

Along with food, water, ammunition and the staples of an emergency kit, make sure you’ve done some research for natural and alternative medical treatments. One example is crushed clove for toothache pain. Ibuprofen and aspirin may be plentiful today, but many people find crushed clove works better than over the counter solutions. If you do some research you’ll find the alternative/herbal solutions are time-tested and offer a great solution.

As things deteriorate some supplies will begin to diminish… and it might happen long before the ‘final’ collapse, as increasing numbers of people realize what’s happening around us. If you’re not completely ready (who is?), keep a close watch on items that are on your ‘need’ list and begin to stock up if you notice low inventories in your favorite retail locations. Don’t forget, if you are buying in large quantities you might get a better deal online.

Let’s review some key principles for protecting yourself from those who may threaten your survival after a disaster strikes:

– Keep a low profile. The more people who know you have a huge stash of food and water the greater the threat they will turn on you. Do not cook in the afternoon over a backyard fire when others are starving unless you really want to invite attention. Instead, use a stove in your fireplace or kitchen after dark.

Avoid the temptation to ‘cash in’ on your advanced preparedness as you notice prices going up and news about low inventories making the headlines. This can result in resentment and possible retribution, and besides, you’ll be better served by giving your surplus items to friends or family in need or by bartering them for something you realize you don’t have enough of. Bartering will become a way of life anyway, so don’t get rid of something valuable until you really need to.

– After disaster strikes, post signs saying looters will be shot. If you must go outside, be conspicuous about the fact that you are well armed and are determined to defend yourself and your property. This will not deter someone who seriously wants what you have, but it will send some potential thieves and looters to easier targets. Of course, if you are alone or are not well armed, you’re better off remaining invisible.

If you are threatened by looters or other criminals, you only have two choices: Turn tail and run or assume an aggressive defensive posture with a firearm. The latter technique served Korean merchants well in the L.A. riots when they were targeted by roaming gangs. If you choose this you must have the will and the skill to use them successfully. Otherwise you are better off to flee, perhaps abandoning your property but hopefully saving your life.

As ‘survivalists’ we are working daily to become self sufficient, and learning from past crises is always a good way to prepare for an uncertain future.

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