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The Best Places To Go Off Grid: Pikeville, Tennessee

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Relocating is a big deal. Moving yourself, your spouse, and your children to a new area or even a whole new state is nothing to take lightly. If you are choosing to relocate in order to live an off-the-grid lifestyle, your move is especially momentous. Many of us are fed up these days with the government and the state of society in general. Going off the grid is an immensely appealing option. Living off the land, being self-sufficient, getting out of the grasp of the overreaching government, and being prepared in the case of a major disaster are all great reasons to get out there and get off the grid.

But where will you go? Moving can be very disruptive and difficult. Moving to a rural area with little to no infrastructure can be a very tough transition. If it is important to you and your family, however, you will make it work. Before you go anywhere, take the time to make the crucial decision of where to go. You need to consider such things as proximity to water sources, like-minded people, and food. You also need to be sure that you are going somewhere where you can afford to purchase land or a homestead.

Where Low Cost, Safety, Wide Open Spaces, and Living Off Grid Collide

One great option for making the big move is a small town called Pikeville in Tennessee. Pikeville is the county seat of Bledsoe County and is home to just 2,000 people. It is in the Sequatchie Valley of eastern Tennessee. You won’t regret living in this scenic valley: the views are simply amazing. You and your family can wake up every day to enjoy the fields, forests, and wildlife in the valley between Little Mountain and Walden Ridge.

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It’s not just the views that make Pikeville an excellent choice for off-the-grid living. The area is a great base for being self-sufficient. You can purchase land outside of town and build the cabin or home of your dream. There are also cabins already built that are occasionally up for sale. These often come with large tracts of land. The setting in the mountains of eastern Tennessee gives you plenty of natural resources for survival. The forests are great for hunting and foraging. The nearby Sequatchie River can provide you with water and fish. And, of course, with enough land, you can grow your own food. Other needs can be purchased in the small town of Pikeville.

Another reason you may be fleeing the suburbs or city for a place like Pikeville is safety. Crime in many areas is a terrifying prospect to live with, especially if you have children. Pikeville has an extremely low crime rate. In 2003, the FBI recorded only five violent crimes in Pikeville. There were no murders or homicides that year, and not much has changed in Pikeville over the last decade.

Cost is another important consideration to make when relocating. If you are choosing to go off the grid, you are probably preparing to live simply and with less money. However, you will need to spend some money to get started and to keep going. It is important that you understand how much money you have and how much you will be able to spend on a property. Land and homes in Pikeville and Bledsoe County are very reasonably priced. Luckily for you, many people forsake these rural areas for jobs in the city. This means you can get a good-sized chunk of land for a great price. If you know that you will need to make some money while living off the grid, you have the option of selling goods that you create on your homestead to the couple of thousand residents of Pikeville.

Other Important Considerations

Finally, you will need to consider what kind of social life you and your family will have when living off the grid. For many, having a community of like-minded people is very important. While you can find a remote location near Pikeville, you will find that there are others not too far away. The Sequatchie Valley draws individuals and families with the same values, needs, and interests as you. Here, you should have both the option of being isolated or gathering together with your off-the-grid neighbors for fun and to swap secrets of the lifestyle.

Pikeville is an excellent choice for going off the grid, but wherever you choose to move, be sure you make the decision carefully. You are taking your family on a big adventure with serious consequences. Take the time to do it right, and you will never regret it.

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