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The Colony – Week 10: Don’t Look Back

There is only one word that can describe the Finale of The Colony. REVENGE. Now you might call it vengeance, vindication, eye for an eye, retaliation or payback. Perhaps because I’m Scottish the Latin “Nemo me impune lacessit” or “No one attacks me with impunity” jumps to mind. Whatever word you choose, human beings universally know the feeling.

Days 49 and 50 are focused on exacting revenge from the marauders that have been relentlessly attacking the camp for nearly 7 weeks now. Jim and Tick uncovered the hideout and returned to the group to plot the counter attack. Most are in favor of a sneak assault, for supplies and retribution.

Tick, Reno, Jim and Becka will launch the raid while Sally and the others remain in the compound to work on the escape boat.

The attack is successful. Tick and the gang return with 20 cans of food, 15 gallons of fuel and some other supplies. They are elated. The celebration begins.

In there absence, Sally and the remaining group get the boat engine installed and after multiple, gut-wrenching attempts it fires up. They begin adding the final touches to their escape vehicle.

Without notice, two dark sedans pull into the compound with sirens wailing and blue lights flashing. The logo on the SUV’s reads VOPA. After a few tense and bewildering moments, the passenger of one of the vehicles emerges and identifies himself as a member of the “Viral Outbreak Protection Agency” and makes a stunning announcement.

“I have room for two Colonists to join me in the vehicles and then be transported to a permanent relocation facility. I have only have room for two. You decide.”

Tick and Reno are out front in the negotiation and spread the word to the others. Shockingly, while every one else hems and haws, Sian Proctor instantly raises her hand and proclaims, “I’m out.” She continues, “I have no obligation to this group, this is a no brainer.” After a couple of quick hugs, a few waves goodbye she is in the vehicle and gone.

There is little time to ponder. The marauders are back with their own version of revenge. 30 of them rush through the gate, the Colonists grab a handful of final supplies, leap aboard their escape boat and start down the canal. The raiders carry large cans of fuel into the house and seconds later it explodes violently.  All they have known for 50 days is engulfed in flames as they look over their shoulders from the boat. The arsonists stand on the shore with the smug look and posture of vengeance.

The colonists of Season Two.

The Colonist’s grief is short-lived. They are on their way to the 5-bedroom fishing hut in the bayou. Spirits are high with the open horizon before them and a breeze in their faces. The excitement is palpable. They congratulate each other with hi-fives as their new home comes into view.

Floating into the approach, the celebration turns to shock. A large, well-armed gang of outsiders, none appearing all that ready to relocate, occupies the fishing house. In an instant, the Colonists realize they are now homeless, literal castaways with nowhere to go. You can see it on their faces.

The show comes to an end.

Throughout the final episode, from Jim’s opening speech on revenge to the final seconds when you witness the shock, all I could think of is…..

Romans 12:19  – “Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.”

Brian Brawdy is a former New York Police Officer turned survival expert/political analyst. He is a frequent contributor to Off The Grid News, the co-Host of Off The Grid News Radio and the editor of
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