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Water: A Reflection of God’s Love

Many testimonials have been given to the power of prayer. Countless numbers of people have turned to the Lord in their time of greatest need, and the answers they have received have helped them make it through their darkest hours. For those who have allowed the light of God to enter their hearts, scientific proof that prayers really are answered is not something they seek or require. But for those who still doubt, scientific evidence has been collected that demonstrates the difference prayer can make in people’s lives.

Not surprisingly, mainstream scientists have shunned the subject of prayer, which obviously conflicts with the materialist philosophy they have embraced with such fanatical fervor. So it has been left up to researchers who are not afraid to work on the fringes to test the effects of prayer – which of course has made it easy for establishment scientists to dismiss this research and label it “pseudo-science.” Nevertheless, courageous souls have on occasion challenged the materialist consensus, and one of the most important of these individuals is a Japanese scientist named Masaru Emoto. Thanks to a willingness to think outside the box and to go wherever the evidence leads him, Dr. Emoto has discovered amazing things about the substance upon which all life is based.

The Hidden Messages in Water

Dr. Emoto’s interest in the deep properties of water began with a curiosity: if the shapes of two snowflakes could never be alike, did that mean that two crystals forming in water as it freezes could also never be a perfect match? In order to discover the answer, Dr. Emoto developed a technique to microscopically photograph water molecules placed in extremely cold environments just at the point when they were beginning to freeze in order to examine their emerging crystalline structure. What Dr. Emoto found was that, while distilled water or spring water formed beautiful and distinctive crystals when frozen, water from polluted sources or directly from the tap did not form crystal structures at all. Instead, these impure waters froze asymmetrically and chaotically, forming shapes that were nowhere near as aesthetically pleasing as the intricate and attractive structures that were formed when purified waters reached the point of freezing.

Mainstream scientists discovering something like this would have probably dismissed it as interesting but ultimately insignificant. But Dr. Emoto was driven by a deep curiosity to explore further, and he began to design experiments that involved samples of water to both positive and negative thoughts, emotions, music, and words both spoken and written—and what he found was something earth-shaking that should have been revolutionary, if mainstream science was actually capable of being revolutionized. What Dr. Emoto’s studies revealed is that water molecules are hypersensitive to positive and negative forces of all types. Not only did water samples subjected to harsh spoken words and heavy metal music show degraded crystallizing action, but even when negative or hostile words were only written on pieces of paper and taped to a bottle of distilled water, the ability of the water molecules to form crystals when frozen was drastically reduced.

Conversely, when water was spoken to softly and soothingly, or when classical music was played, or when words like “love” and “peace” were taped to a bottle, the crystals formed were delicate, intricate, shining, and beautiful. But without a doubt, one of Dr. Emoto’s most important discoveries was that prayer had perhaps the most positive effect of all. In fact, Dr. Emoto has become so convinced of the healing power of prayer that he has been concentrating great personal efforts to try and convince people to pray for those suffering or in need, including those endangered by the recent catastrophe at the Fukushima nuclear plant in his native Japan.

Others have been able to recreate Dr. Emoto’s work, and if science worked the way it should work, these results would be a popular topic of discussion in laboratories and serious journals around the world. But alas, Dr. Emoto’s work has been ignored, and sometimes even attacked, by those who can’t accept anything that threatens the materialist paradigm.

God’s Work is Manifest

Most of those who have been interested in Dr. Emoto’s work have been from the New Age community, who view it as evidence that consciousness somehow affects reality. This idea is rather vague and ill-defined, but there is some truth to it to be sure. What is missing, however, is the understanding that God’s love and grace is the true mediating factor here. It is certainly not a coincidence that 70% of the earth’s surface and 70% of the human body are each made up of water, and when we speak to God directly to ask for His divine mercy, it is only natural that the molecules of water all around us would resonate with the strength of His connection to us.

Water is the stuff of life because it is the medium of God’s love. Dr. Emoto’s groundbreaking work has given us a small glimpse of what is really happening just beneath the surface of reality when we speak to the Lord and when we reflect His love out into the world. Dr. Emoto should be congratulated for having the courage to ask the questions mainstream science is afraid to ask, and what his work ultimately shows is that science, for all of its power, in the end is still subordinate to the Creator of all things.

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