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A Little Noah

“Noah did everything just as God commanded him.”

            Genesis 6:22

Imagine for a moment just how difficult Noah’s life was. His God, the one he trusted and loved, takes him into a personal confidence and shares with him His frustrations. He listens as this all-powerful being shares with him a plan to end the world as he knows it. The sheer shock of that could have been completely overwhelming for Noah. But, he does not falter. He does not run away and hide. Instead, he follows God’s instructions, builds an ark while his neighbors ridicule him, takes family and two of every animal and waits. He listens and watches as God holds fast to His plan and wipes the Earth clean of sin. The waters retreat and Noah and his family praise God for sparing their lives and for protecting those who love and serve him.

We all have a little Noah inside of us. Every day, we are called to hear a part of His plan. We are to live our lives with God’s word as our guide, knowing there will come a day when we will be redeemed for serving Him and living according to his will. But, we have to be in a place where we can hear Him. We cannot be overburdened with thoughts of the world; instead we must be consumed with His word and instructions for how we are to live life. Just as was not easy with Noah, so it might not also always be easy for us.

God does not always promise life will be easy. We have a difficult path to walk. But, we can walk it knowing there is a beautiful rainbow and a glorious promise to guide us.

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