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A Risky Business

“Take calculated risks. That is quite different from being rash.”

            — General George Patton

I am not generally known as being a risk taker. I like control, like the ability to know what is coming and to prepare for every potential obstacle. I do not participate in extreme sports, hesitate even when it comes to speeding, and absolutely detest heights. So, my life was thrown into a whirlwind when my husband’s company offered him a transfer. After living in my hometown for the first decade and a half of our marriage, I had to pick up and move away from everything I had ever known. But, I was still okay with this because I could plan it out. Our house would be on the market for several months while we sorted out details. Once we had a contract, I would be able to have at least thirty days notice before we finalized anything.

I was wrong on both counts.

Our house officially stayed on the market two weeks. In reality, it was sold in six hours. Our realtor was contacted by another realtor whose client lived out of state. It was exactly what they were looking for and they were willing to make an offer on it without seeing it in person. We signed the contract that night and they came to town two days later to see the house and formalize everything else. This was when they threw the other wrench into my planning. Their move was a job transfer as well and they needed to start in two weeks. I panicked! I was totally overwhelmed with the idea of moving my entire family away from our support system, schools, church, and family in less than two weeks.

But together, my husband and I stepped out in faith. We had already found a new place we loved and his office would be five minutes from our house. The school district would be perfect and our one visit to the new town left us with a few neighbors and church family established before we had even moved in. Stepping back from the franticness of our situation at home made me realize this was not being rash and going too fast. We were taking a calculated risk and looking back, I know it paid off ten-fold for our family.

We do not know what the future has in store for each of us. We simply know we have to take things in, weigh them carefully, and cannot be afraid to step out to take calculated risks. The disciples did it when they followed Jesus; we can do it in our lives as well.

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