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Amazing Grace

“Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me. I was once was lost but now am found, was blind but now I see.”

                Hymn – Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace is one of the most popular songs of all times. Enduring for over two hundred years, this song of perpetual hope is no doubt a music sensation. It is a timeless classic that bridges music styles and generations and it has been recorded over 7000 times. This classic hymn is definitely a number one chart topping song.

The words of this precious hymn were written by John Newton. Although he was raised without any particular religious beliefs, he penned the words to this classic hymn based upon his own experiences.  His early years of strife and insubordination led him to pressed service in the Royal Navy. When that time was over, he then went on to serve as a crew member on a slave ship. In 1748, he was caught in a violent storm while at sea; those terrifying moments led Newton to his knees where he cried out to God for mercy. He survived and eventually ended his career at sea before becoming ordained through the Church of England. During his years as a minister, he wrote the words to several other poems which were later converted to hymns; but, none have been as renowned as Amazing Grace.

What is it about this hymn that captivates people? Christians and non-Christians alike are familiar with the words and the hymn calls to each of us on many levels. At its core, this beautiful piece speaks of hope – hope for a better life, hope for a secure future, and hope for grace. It is also a reminder of the endurance of God’s love. For as long as there is loss and despair in the world, there will be the search for God’s redeeming grace and mercy.

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