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Angels Among Us

“I believe there are angels among us, sent down to us from heaven up above.”

                — Angels Among Us, Alabama

I love having a child who enjoys hearing Mommy and Daddy’s music. In fact, many of her favorite songs are regularly played in her room because we introduced them to her. The other day, I walked down the hallway to hear her singing the Alabama song Angels Among Us, at the top of her lungs; it was a precious, precious moment to me.

The lyrics of that song touch a deep place in my heart because I know without a shadow of a doubt that I have been on the receiving end of the gifts of some angels in human form from time to time. I can remember moments when I was in utter despair and received a random phone call from a friend. There have been other moments when someone has shown up at just the right time. I’m sure the same can be said for you; if you reflect on your life, I have no doubt you can identify special times when angels intervened for you.

As I have aged though, I have also worked to pay attention to the moments I am called to help others – those moments when the Spirit speaks to my heart and nudges me in certain directions. The closer I am to God, the stronger my relationship with Him is, the more I am able to recognize those times. I’ve also come to see that I may not always know the outcome of those moments. I simply have to be willing to follow in the direction the Spirit sends me.

Take the time during this New Year to commit to being an angel in someone’s life, not for the recognition you may receive, but simply because you are led to do so.

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