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Beyond Preparation

“Expect the best. Prepare for the worst. Capitalize on what comes.”

                Zig Ziglar

What do Play Doh, a microwave, Corn Flakes, and Fireworks have in common? Each of these items was created by accident. The individuals responsible for these products did not start their research with the intent to create these outcomes. Instead, each of these things was the byproduct of the original goal.

The importance of preparation is not a new concept. From Biblical times, God has stressed the importance of being prepared. He encouraged Noah to do it and helped Joseph interpret dreams related to it. Preparation is critical to every event we seek out. But there is more to preparation than expecting the best and planning for that outcome. When you move through your plans, you also have to be open for any sort of possibility that arises that you may not have originally accounted for. Some of the world’s most used gadgets, appliances, and even food have been the creation of those side possibilities.

It is extremely easy to be frustrated when we are working on any project when things are not going our way. We may want to give up or start over and completely trash our early findings. But, we have to take the time put our frustration aside and be willing to accept deviations when they occur. As Zig Ziglar indicates, we have to be able to capitalize on any unexpected outcome.

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