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Beyond Simplicity

“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.”

                –Hans Hofmann

Making the decision to live a simple life is not always easy. Family and friends may not understand your goals. Acquaintances may harshly judge your decision and the world may laugh at you. But still with commitment, you can move past all the ridicule knowing you are making a decision that is best for you and your family.

But what happens after that? Once you have purged your life of the ‘extras’ where do you go from there?

As soon as the physical clutter is gone from your life, and you are living a simple existence, it may be time to learn to live beyond simplicity. This means taking the time to actually enjoy life without all of the other ‘stuff’. Just because you live a simple life does not mean your day is not exhausting. In many ways, living simpler can be more difficult because you are relying on yourself and your family to provide instead of the ease of the world. There is constantly something to work on or some new aspect to learn. Animals must be cared for. Gardens must be tended. Clothing must be repaired. The list can seem endless.

Learning to live beyond simplicity is not as easy as it seems. You must make a conscious effort to take time and enjoy. Go for a walk with your family. Play a board game in the evening. Read a book together and have a discussion with friends. Share recipes or baking secrets with neighbors.

God worked tirelessly to create the world and the on the seventh day, He rested. Jesus approached His ministry with an almost limitless amount of energy; but still, even He needed time away from the crowds. Take your own time to enjoy life; then you will be living beyond simplicity.

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