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Bringing Meaning To The Confusion

“Jesus never said He’d eliminate all of the confusion from our lives; He just promised He’d bring meaning to it.”

            – Bob Goff

Why is it that so many people, both Christians and non-Christians alike seem to have these ideas that once we turn our lives over to Christ, all of our problems will just magically disappear? This could not be further from the truth. We are still human and we still have to live in a world where other humans exist. Humans are not perfect. We make choices every day that affect our lives and the lives of those around us. These often imperfect choices can create or even add to the confusion of life.

Simply looking through the New Testament exemplifies exactly how difficult life can be even after Christ has become a part of it. Of the twelve disciples who supported Jesus’ ministry before and after he died, only four of them died of natural causes. Of the remaining eight, there were four crucifixions, one stoning, one stabbing, and one beheading. Talk about confusion! These were the men who gave everything up to follow a man in whom they believed. They were dismissed, abandoned, and in the end, lost their lives. And as we move throughout history, we know it was not just the disciples who continued to have struggles.

We live in a confusing and oftentimes stressful world. Every day we look for answers, for understanding, and for some sense of peace. But, that will never come without faith in Jesus. He is the only one who can bring calm to our tumultuous lives. That peace does not come from Him getting rid of the confusing elements. It simply comes from Him walking with us through the storm. Just as Peter called out to Jesus when he began sinking in the water, we should also call out to Him on a daily basis. He will stabilize us, walk with us, and restore the peace our souls so desperately need.

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