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Buttons, Scraps, And Laughter

“All the days of the oppressed are wretched, but the cheerful heart has a continual feast.”

            Proverbs 15:15

I am one of those quilters and sewers; you know – one of the ones who have things everywhere. I have containers upon containers of fabric scraps stored around the room where I do most of my sewing. I also have containers of buttons – the ones that come ‘free’ with a new shirt and the ones that have been in storage for years and years. Regularly, my husband comes into the room and shakes his head. He tells me to throw it all away (or at least find a way to use it soon). He’ll pick up this tiny fabric scarp and raise his eyebrow, silently asking me if I’m really going to use this anytime soon. I roll my eyes at him, grab the scrap from his hand, and put it back in its place in the scrap bin. I cannot help but laugh every time this light hearted exchange happens. He has no desire for me to throw things out and I have no plan to do that. But, the moment always makes us laugh.

It is these small moments that reinforce the joy and importance of laughter in life. Things get stressful. We have so many things going on in our lives, so many things to worry about and it is easy to forget to find amusement. But, it is that mirth that can sustain us when life becomes too difficult. Laughter is good for relationships and good for your heart. So, do not let opportunities for light hearted moments pass you by; instead, seek them out and enjoy every moment they can offer.



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