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Chase Your Dreams

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“Don’t follow your dreams; chase them.”

Richard Dumb

I can remember playing outside when I was a child. Thinking about the sheer innocence that surrounded us leaves me in awe. We skipped and jumped, ran and danced, sang and shouted – all with reckless abandon. And when we wanted something, we did not hesitate to chase it with everything we had.

Somewhere along the way though, we lose that ability to completely chase our dreams. We allow the reality of the world to creep in, weighing heavy upon our shoulders. We consider our dreams, but often put them on a shelf, leaving them someplace safe where we can think about them every now and then. As we get older though, it becomes harder and harder to revisit those dreams.

But those dreams, those big ideas we once had, should never be lost. It is those dreams that create new worlds; they write books, learn to build things, create beauty, and open more doors than we can ever imagine. Without dreams, we become stagnant. Without dreams, we forget to live.

Chasing dreams does mean we have to abandon our current realities. As adults, we have responsibilities that must be met. We have bills to pay, food to put on the table, and homes to create. It is not right to ignore those for the sake of a dream. But, it is also not right to ignore a dream for the sake of responsibility.

Do not be afraid to take that leap, to step out in faith and chase your dream, finding a way to balance the dream with reality.

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