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Continuing To Go On

“We may make our plans but God has the last word.”

                Proverbs 16:1 – Good News Translation

Contrary to the warnings of some, the world did not end in December 2012. The sun continued to rise, we continued to live, and life continued go one just as before. Except for some. Although the world may not have ended, so many who invested a large portion of their time and energy preparing for this predication woke to a myriad of questions. Where did it all go wrong? Why did you waste your time? How could you have believed?

It’s easy to point the finger, to laugh and to ridicule other’s actions. But the reality is that we all make decisions based upon inaccurate, incomplete, or sometimes just plain wrong information. Just because one person’s action does not end up as the central point of the world’s amusement does not make them better than another. It simply means they made a decision based on slightly more accurate information than the other person.

We make decisions as humans, based on the knowledge provided by man. Even our understanding of God’s word, of His promises to us, is still filtered through the lens of the human eye and mind. Sometimes we will get it right; other times we will get it wrong. But one thing remains steadfast – God, not man, will have the last word.

So stand up in support of what you believe. Make decisions based on the best knowledge you have. And when you find out those decisions were based on faulty information, find the courage to continue going on.

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