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Creative Planning For Success

“His sister stood at a distance to see what would happen to him.”

I have often found myself awestruck the nature of Moses’ mother. Here she was, celebrating the life of a beautiful baby boy during a time in which all male babies were ordered to be killed. She secretly protected and hid him for three months before she was faced with a horrible dilemma. She could continue keeping him in the house and hope the Egyptians did not follow him, or she could release him into the river and pray he found safety. She chose the latter and made preparations for her son to leave her home, her arms and her life.

Most of us have a hard time imagining that kind of choice; but, it is not her initial decision that impacts me so strongly. Moses’ mother did not simply follow Pharaoh’s orders as some of the Hebrew women did. Instead, she went out of her way to meticulously plan every detail to ensure her son’s survival.

This was not a woman who was willing to take chances with her son’s life. Instead, she placed him strategically in the river at a time she knew Pharaoh’s daughter would be around and in a place where she knew he would be found. However, she did not stop there. She left his sister to watch over him and once he was found, she arranged to have him back in her arms where she could continue to nurture and care for him.

The creative planning and ingenuity of Moses’ mother serves as an excellent example of how powerful thinking outside the box can be. With a little inventiveness, a lot of skill, and even more planning, almost any problem can have a successful outcome.

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