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Does God Disappear?

 “God is totally available to the man who is totally available to God.”

— Major Ian Thomas

God is all knowing, all loving, and all powerful. He will never forsake you nor will He ever leave you. So why is it that there are times we feel as if He is missing from our lives? Is He too busy dealing with other people’s day to day aspects of life?

I love to visit the ocean. Everything about standing on the shore and watching the waves move in and out in a steady rhythm is completely comforting to me. I remember standing at the edge of the water once, my feet just under the waterline. For several minutes, the water covered my feet; then, I took a step back and watched the water fill the hole. To me, God is a lot like that water.

He is comforting when we are standing still and immersed in His loving embrace. He is steady and consistent in His love for us. And, He is faithful never to leave.

As I watched the water cover and destroy my foot print, I realized that God does not disappear. In fact, He is the one that makes the blemishes go away. Like the water seeps into the foot print, wiping it from the sand, His love also seeps into our hearts mending any broken spaces or areas of concern we may have. It does not matter if there is any evidence of the damage remaining when He is finished. What sets Him apart is the mere fact that our father cares enough to take care of us.

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