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Find The Courage To Change

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courageEight months ago, I took a huge risk, completely stepping out of my comfort zone, and decided to try something completely new. I was terrified because in the process, I would be giving up a large income that had offered us a comfortable living cushion. I would also be leaving behind everything I had worked for since graduating college. But I had the support of my immediate family and the conviction that what I was about to try was right for me.

So far, that risk has paid off. Sure, we aren’t necessarily as financial comfortable as we were before, we don’t eat out as often, and I rarely go shopping anymore. But, we are happier than ever before, my stress level has dramatically decreased, and my health is significantly better.

Why did this work for us?

Did I unlock some new secret to happiness? Not at all. I simply had the courage to step out in faith and make a change. The decision was not made lightly. I did not wake up one morning and randomly decide to make this drastic life change. Instead, I planned, I talked, and I investigated almost every possible path to making this change. Then, I made baby steps until we were ready to go all the way.

This may not be the path that everyone follows to make a change. Everyone has to find what works for them. But, no matter what, we always have to remember that more than anything we must have the courage to be willing to step out and seize something new.

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