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Gov’t Official States ‘If You Have No Rules, You Are Operating Illegally’

Dairy Farmer milking a cow

My grandfather milked cows for a living. Up until the 1960s, he made a decent living selling milk. As a child, I ran through his barn and drank raw milk straight from the milk jugs. We ate eggs straight from the henhouse. Folks, I’m worried that our government is (or already has) taken this way of life from us.

Our American heritage is plumb full of people who grew up raising their own food. Our kinfolk bartered for what they needed and our government was too busy keeping our country running. They didn’t have time to get into our business. Grandpa Aubrey and Grandma Marie were self-supporting because they had to be, but they were happy and healthy, and they were living the American dream. I don’t know how our generation did it, but we managed to screw everything up for us and the next generation, at least.

In any business—and make no mistake about it, our government has turned into a business—there comes a point now and then where expenses get out of hand. Management gets bigger and bigger, eventually losing touch with reality, and people make up reasons to justify non-product enhancing jobs, creating an excess of expenses. A good business can see this coming, and quickly act to cut the fat.

In our legislative system, however, there are no managers with enough guts to trim the fat when our country gets too big. We vote good people into office, but soon almost to a person, our representatives try to justify the hundreds of thousands of dollars we pay them by making nonsensical laws just to make it look like they are working.

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Now we have a government that is, in fact, working against the American dream. They place rules and regulations on our milk and food producers, and soon it’s just not cost effective to live this American dream. I was just reading a piece about raw milk producers trying to get the government to give them a chance to survive, and I found the root of the problem in one sentence. Raw milk producers asked their legislature not to create so many rules, because each regulation added to their expense. To that, the government representative stated: “If you have no rules, you are operating illegally.” This proves my point that our government officials are on the wrong track, and the train is about to run into a mountain.

Did Grandpa and Grandma have rules? It was as simple as this: if they put out a bad product, no one would buy from them again. If they had an unclean environment, no one would buy their product. Growing up around a raw milk operation, I cannot remember even one time seeing someone get sick because of raw milk. Not once did the meat Grandpa raised and processed cause an illness.

So we are now criminals because we prefer to regulate our own conditions. Rainwater has become a product of the government, and we can no longer contain it without getting put in jail. I can’t trade my eggs for pork without looking over my shoulder. And the list goes on.

Folks, let’s be the change we need. Don’t let the tax man on your property. Find ways to barter whenever you can. Grow your own food. And finally, look long and hard at the people you vote into office. I truly believe we, the people, can turn this around without going through another depression, but if we don’t get involved, our children and their kids will pay the price for sure, and none of us want that.

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