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Living An Authentically Consistent Life

“An authentic life is the most personal form of worship. Everyday life has become my prayer.”
— Sarah Ban Breathnach

Christians are called to live an authentic life meaning we are required to live the same way behind closed doors that we live in front of other people. It should not be difficult; unfortunately though, for many people, it is. But, Christ worked to make it easy to understand. He made things crystal clear through His word. Although the Bible is filled with extremely helpful and intentional information to guide our lives, there are really only two key things we need in order to live an authentically consistent life: love and faith. These two ideals form the foundation of Christian living.

When we have faith, we choose to believe no matter what. Our faith allows us to create an intimate relationship with the Father. Overtime, that companionship guides our choices in life. It becomes our moral compass and the barrier we live between. Additionally, living a faithful life also requires us to live one of love. We are to love our neighbors just as we would be loved and as Christ loved us. Living this way allows us to serve others, keeping our hearts and minds focused on God. When we live like this, we leave no room for sin to creep in; we live authentically.

Faith and love – focusing on each of these keep you grounded in authentic living. They guide us and keep us grounded on the important elements of life, leaving us to live the life Christ desire for each of us.


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